Don't Have Dry Shampoo? This Product Works in a Pinch

woman with hands in hair

If you go through dry shampoo like water (join the club), you’ve experienced the utter horror of realizing your bottle is fresh out—just perfect for the morning you overslept and have no time to shower. Ugh.

But, before you leave the house with greasy hair, there’s one product you probably do have that can save the day: Translucent setting powder.

Here’s the deal: Setting powder is designed to soak up and combat shine on our face, so it makes sense that it would do the same for our hair. Use a powder brush to dust a bit of product onto your roots wherever you notice that greasy look moving in and consider your potential bad hair day saved.

The lesson: Keep your favorite setting powder in your bag at all times for oil-free strands and a perfectly matte T-zone—it’s way less bulky than your go-to dry shampoo anyways.

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