Foundation application is tough to get right. One overzealous swipe with a brush and you could end up a streaky mess. Not enough blending with your fingers and it's Patchytown, population: you. So when we heard that the number-one selling product at Sephora Asia was a vibrating sponge that basically does all of the work for you, we had to give it a whirl. 

Created by Eric Jimenez, the former Global Makeup Artist for Urban Decay, the Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator pats makeup into your skin (at 15,000 sonic pulses per minute, no less) so that you end up with an airbrushed finish that's typically reserved for red carpets.

The first thing I noticed was how small the device was. It’s pretty much the same height and width of a credit card and, frankly, almost as lightweight. The sponge tip is plush and feels like it's made of felt (as opposed to latex or foam). Topping it off is a ventilated cap for whenever it’s not in use (which is probably a lot more hygienic than throwing a still-damp Beautyblender into your makeup bag).

Now here comes the fun part: the application. All you have to do is squeeze a small amount of foundation (or BB cream) onto the head of the sponge, and then press the button right below it to activate the vibrations. As you move the device across your face, it gently buffs the foundation into your skin until it disappears, taking any spots or splotches along with it. 

Yes, my complexion looked great. But here’s the real magic: It made my makeup last longer and look better throughout the day. This is because of how it's being distributed. The repeated tapping motions press the color into your skin so that it's not just sitting on top. I spent an entire summer day outdoors, and even though my sweaty bangs were plastered to my forehead, my foundation stayed fresh through it all.

Bottom line: If your makeup tends to wear off easily—or you don’t have the patience (or skill) to blend it in yourself, this little guy might be worth the $68.

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