6 Things Every Brunette Should Know

From golden chestnut to rich chocolate, brunettes come in all forms. And although you have an established routine for taking care of your locks, are you really doing everything in your power to keep them shiny and healthy? Here, the six best ways to maximize your brown shade. 

8 Things Every Blonde Should Know


Aim for Low-Maintenance Coloring
If you dye your hair, find a shade that minimizes trips to the salon. (It's worth the little extra research.) From tortoiseshell to tonal color, there are several brunette options that will look natural and lived-in as they grow out (without any awkward roots). 

Think Before You Bleach
We know—it's almost impossible not to itch for lighter locks from time to time. But you should talk to your hairstylist first. Bleaching brunette hair can change the overall texture of your strands, and the process can take several hours depending on what you’re looking to get done, so it’s important to get an expert opinion before making a big decision.

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Use a Hair Glaze
To keep your shade looking its best, use a glaze with brunette pigments to deposit just the right amount of color and shine. After you shampoo and condition, work the glaze from root to tip, then leave on at least three minutes before rinsing. The glaze acts as a temporary boost to prevent your locks from looking lackluster. 

Try a Coffee Rinse
You can also DIY a hair treatment to add some shine and pigment to your strands. Just pour brewed coffee (that’s been cooled, obvi) on wet hair and leave in for up to 30 minutes. Then rinse and dry for an energy shot of color.

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Protect Your Hair from the Sun
It’s not just blondes that need to shield their strands from harmful UV rays. Too much sun exposure can leave brown hair looking brassy and orange. For ideal protection, use a color-protecting cream that’ll also prevent dryness and breakage.

And from Heat
The same goes for styling tools, as well. Daily blow-drying, straightening and curling leaves hair dull and brittle. In order to prevent your shade from going flat and your hair from being fried, use a thermal spray before styling. It locks in moisture to give just a little extra shine and volume.


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