The 2 Best Root Touch Up Kits, According to Goop’s Beauty Director Jean Godfrey-June

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Sure, I can go without my monthly facial, my weekly manicure and my waxing appointments for a little while. But one of the first thoughts of beauty-related panic I had when hair salons were forced to close was: What about my roots?! I have no problem giving myself a mani-pedi and an indulgent at-home facial, but I draw the line at DIY hair color—I went through an unfortunate phase of box-dyeing my locks (and nearly ruining them) in college, and let’s just say I now leave it to the professionals.

Mid-panic about my strands, I wound up on Goop’s Instagram where I found that Jean Godfrey-June had posted an IGTV video about the best at-home hair color solutions. Goop is the last place I thought I’d find this information, considering nearly all hair dye is laden with chemicals, and doesn’t fit the brand’s clean standards (which Godfrey-June admits in the video). But you better believe I watched all eight minutes, soaking up every tip, trick and bit of information I could.

Perhaps the best part of the whole IGTV is that Godfrey-June is divulging all these tips while sitting fully clothed in a giant bathtub. She hooked me within the first few seconds, saying, “A lot of people have been texting me, calling me, emailing me, asking, I’m trapped in my house, what am I going to do about my hair? Now, I have this problem, too” Don’t we all. And if there’s anyone I would take advice from, it’s this beauty director with years of expert advice to share (yes, even from her bathtub).

The major takeaways? Godfrey-June recommends sticking to just your roots, instead of putting color on the parts of your hair that don’t need it. This will prevent the lengths of your locks from looking flat and limit your exposure to chemicals. She also recommends applying a mask, like Rahua Omega-9 Hair Mask, to the ends of your hair before applying color to your roots to protect any highlights from accidental damage. Bonus: She says this product leaves her hair shiny for up to three washes, without reapplying and the benefits are intensified with heat, should you want to get your blow dryer involved.

Intrigued and ready to try your hand at touching up those roots? Same. Here are the two products that Godfrey-June recommends, as they’re the easiest to use and the most effective.

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best root touch up kits christopher robin

1. Christophe Robin Temporary Color Gel

If you’re wondering what Godfrey-June puts on her own hair, it’s this temporary at-home color from French colorist Christophe Robin, who she refers to as “just the most glamorous hair colorist on earth.” She explains that it’s nourishing like a mask and it actually smells nice, but there’s one downside: you have to leave it on for 40 minutes and it lasts for about seven shampoos. If you wash your hair every other day, you’ll have to reapply it every two weeks (luckily, we have the time right now). Godfrey-June uses it to cover grays, but she says it can also color grown-out roots, too. She also mentions that a little brush comes with the bottle of temporary color, making it easy to apply to your roots and target only the areas that need it.

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2. Clairol Root Touch-up

Another option that Godfrey-June briefly touches on is a super popular at-home solution from Clairol. Though she deems this product more conventional in terms of ingredients (aka there are more chemicals than the Christophe Robin option), she notes that it comes highly recommended by hairstylists. Plus, it takes just ten minutes to do its job (opposed to the 40 that Christophe Robin takes) and it is a permanent hair color that won’t wash out, if you’re less concerned about toxic load. Plus, you simply can’t beat that price for Zoom-ready roots.

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