The Single Most Useful Product If You Have Thin Lips

As Lisa Eldridge, one of our favorite makeup artists, once said in a tutorial on this very topic: "For the last sort of hundred years there's been thin lips, full lips; different shaped lips have been fashionable. At the moment, a very full lip is very fashionable."

And despite what you may have seen on Instagram, the good news is you don't need to go to any drastic measures to achieve more plumping. Nay, if plush, pillowy lips are what you seek, look no further than a humble tube of lip gloss. (Bonus points if it has plumping ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides.)

Fact: The hint of shine will reflect light and give them a 3-D effect, which makes thin lips appear fuller within a few swipes. Just make sure to put it on with a bit of strategy.

What do you mean? Rather than apply the gloss all over as you normally would, add a dab to the center of your top and bottom lips only to draw the eye to the fullest parts. And if you really want to maximize your pout, finish with a dab of champagne-toned highlighter on your Cupid’s bow (the peak of your top lip) and right under the middle of your bottom lip to add more depth. 

Some of our favorites to shop: Buxom ($21); GrandeLips ($27); Dior ($34)

The Absolute Best Beauty Tips for Thin Lips

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