This Is the Best Pixie Cut for Thick, Wavy Hair

Two words, one name: Audrey Tautou. You may recognize her from Amélie—or perhaps she just has a vaguely familiar face (because she’s been in a thousand movies). But her standout feature for many years has been her perfectly tousled pixie cut. Seriously, you could fill an entire Pinterest board with photos of her hair (and indeed we have).

What makes it so good? The movement and unfussiness. Talk to your stylist about where to place your layers. For ladies with thick, wavy strands, it’s important to keep some length in certain areas (usually in the front and on the sides) and remove bulk in others (usually in the back) to create balance throughout. Note that if you decide to grow it out eventually, you’ll have to readjust the proportions of where to keep and take away length depending on where your hair tends to get puffy.

To style, rake some smoothing cream through damp strands and use a diffuser to gently coax out your natural curls, scrunching and twisting them into shape as you go. You can part it down the center or to one side (when the roots look greasy). A slick of red lipstick and a baguette is optional but highly encouraged.

The Best Pixie Cuts for Curly Hair