The 7 Best New Beauty Launches of 2021 (So Far)

After the last of the Christmas lights come down and the champagne bubbles from ringing in the New Year fall flat, you might be feeling a bit blue. Which is why we’re here to remind you that there are brighter days ahead. Until then, we’re sharing seven of the best beauty launches of 2021 (and if they’re any indicator of what’s to come, things are indeed looking up this year).

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1. Superegg Sound Renewal Moisturizer

We’ve decided that 2021 is the year where we seek more beauty and balance in our daily lives. (Who’s with us?) To that end, we’re treating rote rituals, like putting on moisturizer, with more care. Enter this palm-sized cream that yields to the lightest pressure from our fingertips and melts seamlessly into skin, leaving it plump and silky like the smooth curves of an egg. Rest assured to any vegans reading this; the namesake ingredient includes many of the vitamins and nutrients of an egg but is actually made from plants that share similar properties.

2. Merit The Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Stick

Continuing with this theme of balance for the new year, we are really enjoying this complexion stick that doubles as a foundation and a concealer. Creamy enough that it glides across your skin without dragging, yet lightweight enough that it blends seamlessly into your skin with a few taps, it’s quickly become our go-to before video calls. Available in 20 shades.

3. Supergoop Daily Dose Vitamin C+ Spf 40 Serum

This silky serum from Supergoop is the first hybrid formula that offers both sunscreen and vitamin C to protect against UVA and UVB rays, while also brightening your overall complexion over time. The oil-free formula won't clog pores and leaves your skin with a glowy sheen that could easily replace your highlighter. (The squat sunny bottle is pretty cute, too.)

4. Olive & June Heel Balm

Though we pride ourselves on having the soft, well-moisturized faces of a newborn (see: Superegg above), our heels are another story. Often so dry they scratch against our bedsheets (the ASMR that no one asked for), we were all too happy to try this buttery balm when it launched earlier this month. Suspended in a coconut oil and cocoa butter base and loaded with jojoba seed oil and sunflower wax, it cocoons our parched feet in a creamy coat of moisture. We also appreciate the twist-up stick, which makes application a breeze. (For extra TLC, you can pair the balm with cozy socks to lock in hydration overnight.)

best new beauty launches january 2021 jason wu beauty celestial lust cream shadow
Jason Wu Beauty

5. Jason Wu Beauty Celestial Lust Cream Shadow

The latest project from the genius behind Michelle Obama’s iconic inaugural ball gown? A luxury beauty brand at drugstore prices. The fashion designer’s newly launched line features everything from a brow powder to a liquid liner designed for dotting on faux freckles. Our favorite, however, is the cream shadow, which you can sheer onto lids for a wash of shimmery color or build for a bolder look. Available in four shades.

Buy it ($12)

6. Lawless Beauty Forget The Filler Lip Plumper Line Smoothing Gloss

If you enjoy a nice tingle on your lips, this gloss will become a fast favorite. The shiny formula visibly plumps lips upon application and smooths over any fine lines etched in your pout. With shea butter and rosehip oil in the mix, it’s as hydrating as many lip balms we’ve tried, and we especially like the curved applicator that hugs your lips from corner to corner as you apply it.

7. Pattern Haircare Lightweight Conditioner

No matter how tight or loose your curls, this lightweight conditioner will make them softer and easier to style without adding any weight to them. With an impossibly silky slip (sans any silicones), the creamy formula detangles knots with ease. Use it after shampooing or use it between wash days to gently cleanse and refresh your hair. The neroli, rose and patchouli scent makes stale strands smell crisp and clean.

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