The 16 Best Haircuts for Straight Hair, According to Stylists

Calling anyone with stick-straight strands: Looking for some haircut ideas for the new year? We’ve got you covered, but first, some housekeeping notes to set you up for success in the salon.

For starters, Marilisa, a stylist and artistic director for Marc Anthony Hair Care says it’s important to understand the type of straight hair you have. “There is fine straight hair, which tends to sit a little limp and gets oily quickly. There is also medium density straight hair, which has a bit of body to it. Finally, there is coarse straight hair, which does not hold a curl. Some straight hair has no bend, while other types have a bit of softness to them,” she adds.

“Knowing this information is crucial because there is no hiding mistakes with straight hair. While curls and waves offer some forgiveness, every poorly executed snipe will be visible in straighter stands, so you want to make sure the ends and any layers are diffused in a way that they blend in,” explains Marilisa.

The most effective way to ensure you get the cut you want? Bring reference photos to your appointment. “Words can easily be misconstrued, but visuals never are. Not only do visuals help us talk through the look with you, but they can also help a stylist recreate a version of a look that best suits your hair type,” says Marilisa.

And with that, here are the 16 best haircuts for straight hair to bring to your stylist.

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1. Rounded Bob

Ask your stylist for a center-parted blunt bob that sits just beneath your chin. “Let them know that you want to be able to wear your bob straight with a voluminous bend toward the bottom,” advises Rodgers.

best haircuts for straight hair blunt lob
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2. Blunt Lob

Here Kiernan Shipka models a blunt cut that’s great for fine to medium fine hair. “It could poof out a bit too much if you have coarser straight hair,” cautions Sears (in which case, she recommends keeping the ends longer). “Otherwise, ask for a classic blunt cut with strong edges and in one length,” she says.

best haircuts for straight hair invisible layers
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3. Invisible Layers

Jen Aniston is the poster child for this type of cut. As Karob explains, “Invisible layers are mostly done on the interior of the hair, which will help add texture and movement without making the layers too visible.

best haircuts for straight hair full bangs
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4. Full Bangs

“Bangs work great on clients with straight hair especially those who have a larger forehead. Simply put, bangs also have the power to make anyone look high fashion,” says Taylor. Tip: To add more volume to your fringe, rake some mousse through your roots before you blow dry your hair.

best haircuts for straight hair curtain bangs
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5. Curtain Bangs

“We’re still in our curtain bang era, and they’re here to stay for the foreseeable future. When cut correctly, curtain bangs can accentuate facial features, add life to limp strands and even make a simple ponytail or topknot look better,” says Taylor.

best haircuts for straight hair side-swept bangs
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6. Side-Swept Bangs

“Ask your stylist for volume! Straight fine hair doesn’t mean you have to wear it that way. Look at Saoirse Ronan, she rocks texture and volume. To get a similar effect, ask your stylist for a deep side swept bang that will help with creating lift in the front,” says Wiley (who also recommends spraying a volumizing product like Pureology Levitation Mist on damp hair and blow drying it in with a round brush before setting it with a Velcro roller).

best haircuts for straight hair pageboy pixie
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7. Pageboy Pixie

Prefer a short cut? Take a cue from Ginnifer Goodwin and try a pageboy pixie. With full bangs and plenty of tousled texture up top, it’s a chic option that gives you built-in volume. Just make sure to keep the sides closely cropped to keep things from getting too puffy.

best haircuts for straight hair asymmetrical bob
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8. Asymmetrical Bob

“Asymmetrical cuts on straight hair always make a statement, as Rihanna demonstrates to great effect,” says Taylor. This cut gives straight hair a structured line creating bluntness, making the hair look thicker and fuller.

best haircuts for straight hair a-line bob

9. A-Line Bob

Similar vibe, but subtler, the A-line bob is cut ever so slightly shorter in the back and gets gradually longer in the front. This style actually looks best on straight hair because you can actually see the soft gradient. “To style the cut at home, you can use products like dry shampoo to add lift at the root. You can also flip that hair to a heavy side part to add a nice flip with volume to change up the style of the cut,” says Karob.

best haircuts for straight hair textured bob

10. Textured Bob

Whereas the bob above is on the sleeker, blunter side, Taylor Swift’s is more layered and textured. Topped with forehead grazing fringe, the entire cut frames her face from every angle. Again, the sweet spot for a bob falls at or just below the chin because it creates the illusion of width and volume.

best haircuts for straight hair shullet
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11. Shullet

A cross between a shag and mullet, the shullet (also referred to as “the wolf cut” on TikTok) offers plenty of texture and bulk to finer strands. Follow Miley’s lead and keep the cut polished and shiny by working a styling cream through the mid lengths and ends before blow drying it smooth.

best haircuts for straight hair diffused lob
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12. Diffused Lob

“Denser, thicker straight hair does well with diffused ends. When the edges are diffused, it gives it a bit of texture, giving the cut a bit of movement where there is none. This cut needs a bit of polish due to the thickness of the hair, so I like to blow it out when it’s half damp,” says Sears.

best-haircuts-for-women-smullet-billie eilish

13. Smullet

Similar idea as “the shullet,” but shorter all around. The ideal length for a smullet falls just at or above your shoulders to give it more of a lob look.

best haircuts for straight hair mixie

14. Mixie

A mixie is an edgier haircut that’s longer in the back, like a mullet, and shorter in the front, like a pixie—basically, it’s a mullet meets pixie.

best haircuts for straight hair swept-over pixie

15. Swept-Over Pixie

You want to make sure you don't have too much length on the sides of your head, and instead keep more length up top. This haircut draws the eyes up the face and emphasizes volume at the crown of your head.

best haircuts for straight hair deep side-part pixie
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16. Deep Side-Part Pixie

With a deep side part, longer pieces on top and cropped sides, this cut adds instant volume to straighter strands. All you need is a little pomade or styling cream to keep the ends polished.

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