This Revlon Pencil Is the Single Best Eyeliner for Beginners, According to a Makeup Artist

Eyeliners come in all different shapes and sizes—as do our eyes and, um, application skills. Though your best friend might wield her liquid liner with the ease of a Jedi master brandishing her light saber, you might feel more comfortable with a pencil.

And according to celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, one pencil in particular is great for those of us who are still a bit shaky with our execution: the Revlon ColorStay Micro Hyper Precision Gel Eyeliner.

With a superfine tip that measures just a slim 1.5 millimeters and a creamy pigmented formula that glides across your eyelids without skipping, it makes sketching clean lines so much easier than other liners we’ve tried. There’s also a built-in smudger on the other end to soften up the lines if you prefer a smokier look. But on that note, while the smudger makes blending a breeze, the liner itself will not smudge.

We also appreciate that the tip is self-sharpening (so no more fumbling around in your makeup bag for a sharpener or leaving a trail of pencil shavings on your bathroom counter). Just twist up for a quick refresh.

One last note about this superfine liner? You can also use it to fill in any sparse areas around your brows—or, you know, finally try your hand at one of those cool graphic eyeliner tutorials you’ve seen while scrolling through the ’Gram. (But if you need a little coaching to master the basics, watch above as Hughes walks us through her best tricks for getting those lines on point.) 

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