7 Beauty Tools for the Gadget Obsessed, According to Experts

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When we have a question about the latest and greatest beauty tools (like is a dermaroller actually worth it?), we go to one of two people: a beauty editor or an aesthetician. This time, we went to both. Here, PureWow’s own beauty director, Jenny Jin, and Joanne deLeon, senior skin therapist at Heyday L.A., disclose their favorite beauty tools for real results. Oh, and most of them can fit into a stocking (hint, hint).

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Jin’s Favorite Beauty Tools

refa s carat face roller

1. Refa S Carat Face Roller

“This ReFa roller is kind of like a jade roller on steroids. It helps with overall de-puffing and temporary lifting, increases circulation and melts away tension in your face. Pros recommend doing it two or three times a week and advise that you always start by smoothing on a few drops of facial oil or serum first so you don’t drag or tug at your skin. Plus it feels amazing.”

jenny patinkin rose on rose face roller petite

2. Jenny Patinkin Rose On Rose Face Roller Petite

“This mini rose quartz roller is perfect for targeting smaller areas like under the eyes and between the brows, which often need the most help in terms of lifting and smoothing. Pop it in the fridge for even more de-puffing benefits.”

dyson airwrap

3. Dyson Airwrap

“Cue trumpets. Throw the confetti. But seriously, this nifty little gadget is cause for celebration for the styling impaired and those strapped for time. (So that means most of us, right?) It took six years, 642 prototypes and 230 engineers and scientists to create this, and I’m convinced that anyone can curl their hair or get a smooth blowout with this thing.”

nuface trinity facial toning kit

4. Nuface Trinity Facial Toning Kit

“The OG NuFace is FDA approved, and I’ve seen and heard many positive reviews for it over the years—especially with continued use. It uses microcurrent therapy to stimulate the facial muscles for a more lifted appearance and more prominent facial contours. Who doesn’t want that?”

Deleon’s Favorite Beauty Tools

eminence organic skin care fan applicator brush

1. Eminence Organic Skin Care Fan Applicator Brush

“A mask brush is an inexpensive tool to have in your at-home beauty arsenal. I prefer a fan-shaped brush for mask application, but any shape will work as long as it is soft and wide enough to distribute the product on your skin. Applying a mask with a brush saves product, allows for a more even application and feels amazing! Just make sure your brush is clean before use and that you thoroughly dry it before storing (I dry my brushes with my blow-dryer).”

clarisonic mia prima sonic facial cleansing system

2. Clarisonic Mia Prima Sonic Facial Cleansing System

“Many of my aesthetician friends will gasp when they see I’ve recommended an ultrasonic cleansing tool and for good reason. People tend to use and care for them improperly, creating more skin problems than solutions. So here’s the lowdown on success with an ultrasonic cleansing brush: Use the soft/sensitive brush attachment. Use it only once a day for either your morning or night cleansing (not for removing makeup). Clean and rinse the brush with an antibacterial soap before you use it. This is the most important part: Do not use any other form of mechanical exfoliation and limit chemical exfoliation to once a week (or depending on your skin, every other week).”

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lightstim led therapy

3. Lightstim Led Therapy

“Blue and red light emitting diodes (LED) have empirical data to support their benefit for improved skin function. Blue light is best for acne-prone skin to control ‘good versus bad’ bacteria balance, while red light helps increase cellular energy to assist in skin regeneration and minimize lines and lackluster skin. As with any product or tool, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. And if you are pregnant or have a chronic medical condition, check with your physician before using.”

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