I’m a Beauty Editor & Here’s What I’m Buying This Spring

We have officially entered the era of dopamine dressing (aka dressing up with the intention of boosting your mood). Along with the pink suits and statement accessories that are trending this spring, I am intentionally seeking out bright lipsticks and bold eyeshadows that spark joy. Because life is short, and beauty is meant to be fun, right? And if sky blue eyeshadow isn’t really your thing, scroll down to see the glow-inducing foundation that doesn’t cake or crease on your skin and the magical hair mist that takes your second day strands from stale to fresh in a few spritzes.

The Top Beauty Trends to Try This Spring, According to 6 BIPOC Beauty Experts

1. About-face Matte Fluid Eye Paint

I literally “oohed” out loud when I first swatched this liquid eyeshadow on the back of my hand. The colors are bold and wear like a dream, meaning they don’t fade or smudge—even after a sweaty dance class, as I was delighted to find out recently. There are plenty of happy hues to choose from, but if I had to pick just one to start with it would be “Blue Monday,” which is a bright, sky blue.

2. It Cosmetics Cc+ Nude Glow Foundation Spf 40

I’m pretty picky when it comes to foundation. I want enough coverage that I don’t have to use a separate concealer for my dark circles or blotchy spots, yet I want it to still look and feel lightweight enough for my freckles to peek through. I’m happy to report that this formula exceeded my expectations on both fronts. It’s medium coverage and blends into your skin nicely (especially when you apply it with the brand’s double-ended complexion brush, which features two synthetic brush heads to reach different areas of your face). I’ve worn it for hours on end without it caking or creasing, and true to its name, it leaves you with a subtle glow.

3. Ilia Multi-stick

The MVP of my makeup bag? A lip-to-cheek product, no question, and this chubby stick from ILIA is a perennial favorite. The creamy formula blends easily on your skin and builds from a soft wash to a bold pop of color depending how many layers you apply. It comes in multiple shades, and in bronzer and highlighter form as well, but I’ve been wearing “Dear Ruby” the most lately, which is one of their newer launches.

Buy it ($34)

4. Olive & June Nail Polish In “golden Afternoon”

Like sunshine on your fingertips, this vibrant marigold polish brightens up your mani (and mood) at first swipe—which explains why I’ve been wearing it nonstop since getting it. Whereas most yellow polishes I’ve tried in the past are either too pale or too fluorescent, this one strikes the perfect balance of being bold, but not blinding. (Psst, it’s a limited-edition shade, so I’d advise picking up a bottle while you can.)

5. Elizabeth Arden Lip Color

It’s easy to overlook a heritage brand like Elizabeth Arden when there are so many flashy new brands popping up every other week, but let me tell you, their latest lipstick launch is one the best I’ve come across in recent years. The colors are extremely pigmented and buttery, and the ceramide-laden formula doesn’t turn your lips into a flaky, desiccated mess after a few hours of wear. Choose between 22 satin and eight matte shades (though I’d highly recommend either “Living Coral” and “Daring Coral” if you’re looking for a spring statement shade).

6. Olaplex No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum

Lovers of Olaplex will be delighted by the brand’s leave-in serum, which just launched this month. It’s lightweight in texture, so it won’t weigh your hair down, but rich in antioxidants like red algae extract, so your strands are protected from pollution and heat. Spray it on clean, damp hair and regardless of whether your air dry or blow dry, you’ll get a smoother finish.

7. Goody Girls Classics Daisy Charm Contour Clip

There are some Y2K trends that I’m OK with leaving in the past forever (see: skinny eyebrows and low-rise jeans), but fun hair accessories like butterfly and flower clips? Bring them on. Lately, I’ve been using these mini floral snap-ins to tame my overgrown bangs and they always seem to infuse a little joy in my day.

8. Gemmist Hair Freshener Mist Spray

You know that stale smell your hair takes on whenever you’re outside for any extended period of time? It’s not bad, necessarily, but it’s not the clean shampoo scent that most of us enjoy either. This lightweight mist works some sort of molecular magic when it’s sprayed in your hair, and effectively removes any unwanted odors—be it from walking around the city on a hot day or cooking a recipe that calls for a lot of garlic—and replaces them with a fruity, floral-y scent that’s much more pleasing to your nose.

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