Getting Back to Your Beauty Routine? Here’s What to Expect at Your In-Person Appointments

Plucking stray eyebrow hairs and watching YouTube tutorials about how to cut our own hair was fun and all, but if we’re honest—we’re ready to get back to the salon. However, not before we ask a few questions first. As businesses have started to reopen, we’re curious to know what to expect when we head in for our post-pandemic Miss Congeniality-esque makeover. (Goodbye unibrow!) So, we tapped experts in common beauty fields to find out how they’re working to keep clients and staff happy and safe as we all get back into the swing of things.

1. Gina Petak, Education Manager European Wax Center

Let's be honest: We're all in need of a serious brow touch-up these days. According to Gina Petak, European Wax Center Education Manager, the beloved waxing center "takes hygiene and safety seriously, and in light of the COVID-19 situation we are and will continue to evaluate and implement policies and practices when open based on new information and guidance." When heading in for a reservation you can expect contactless check-in and employees with masks and face shields. When it comes to hygiene and sanitation, EWC promises: new gloves are used by wax specialists for every guest; all tweezers and tools are soaked in disinfectant; Wax Suite beds are sanitized with disinfecting wipes after each guest and fresh bed paper is pulled; waxing sticks are never double-dipped and the large stir stick is disposed of after each guest; and finally brow brushes and spoolies are disposed of after each guest. For more information on the companies’ health and safety procedures, just head over to their website.

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2. Alli Webb, Founder Of Drybar

If you’re like us, then Drybar is one of your favorite indulgences. Who doesn’t love a bouncy blowout and a mimosa to go along with it, right? Well, while we were home craving scalp massages and chit-chat with a stylist, Webb was hard at work preparing her staff for their new normal. The entrepreneur told PureWow, “Not all of our shops are open, [but] the majority have reopened with all new protocols. Everyone entering our shops is required to wear a mask, get a temperature check and wait for their appointment outside the shop. We have also separated the chairs to create a safer distance between clients and are thoroughly sanitizing between all clients.” She added that she and her colleagues “are extremely dedicated to creating a clean and safe environment” for everyone.

3. Amy Lin, Founder Of Sundays

Lin was extremely productive while sundays locations were closed—she organized virtual classes, put together at-home nail kits and invented and launched several new products (talk about quarantine goals). But now, as her locations have opened up, she says she’s “definitely very happy to be back servicing the clients.” When booking an appointment at sundays, Lin asks clients to schedule and pay online to ensure contactless checkout and requires that clients wear masks and sanitize their hands upon arrival. Nail professionals must have their temperature taken upon arriving at work and don new uniforms and gloves that are only worn in the studio. There are glass partitions between each manicure station, salon capacity has been cut in half, chairs have been set up outside for clients to wait while their nails dry, tools and polishes are sanitized to the highest degree after each use, and refreshments are served in to-go cups only. Clients are also able to bring in or purchase their own polishes if it helps them feel more secure. As far as Lin’s re-opening mantra, she says, “We can only control what we have control of and we have learned over the six months how resilient we can be…I think at the end of the day, we just need to meet clients where they are and the rest will fall together.”

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4. Riawna Capri & Nikki Lee, Nine Zero One Salon And Incommon Beauty Co-founders

Prior to the pandemic, everyone from Taylor Swift and Julianne Hough to Selena Gomez frequented Lee and Capri’s lavish Los Angeles salon. But, after a brief reopening from June to July, all California salons have been ordered to remain closed. Reopening for that short time allowed the Nine Zero One team to refine their best practices, but admittedly left them more eager than ever to do what they do best. When California salons are able to reopen, Lee and Capri say they will remain committed to “making the [space] as safe as possible for our clients and our employees.” They will require all staff members and clients to wear masks, everyone must have their temperature taken and sanitize their hands before entering the salon, and there will be no lounging in the lobby. Capri noted that they’ll even go as far as to ask clients to not bring any extra items like jackets or purses inside. She added, “Our job cannot be done from six-feet away, so we book every other station and then also book in shifts—a morning shift and an evening shift. Nine Zero One will not be double booking clients to keep the environment less busy and safer for all.” As they await the opportunity to reopen, Lee admits, “for us, personally, it’s tough because we’re leaders in the industry and we’re stuck in a very interesting place.” Until then, they’ll be focusing on the e-comm side of their business, InCommon Beauty.

5. Brittany Driscoll, Co-founder & Ceo Of Squeeze Massage

Although a massage is exactly what most of us need right now, industry-leader Squeeze has remained closed for the time being (in accordance with state regulations). Regardless, Driscoll remains dedicated to spreading the message of self-care and is actively preparing to open the massage respite’s doors once again. She told PureWow, “While our commitment to a way better massage experience has not changed, we are prepared to implement new protocols and procedures to ensure the health and safety of our guests and team members. We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to create heightened cleaning and disinfecting protocols, as well as updated safety measures so that our guests can feel as relaxed and refreshed as they’ve come to expect from the Squeeze experience.”


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