Baby Braids Are the Latest Y2K Hair Trend to Make a Comeback

To be honest, it’s still a bit baffling to see trends that we wore when we were in peak puberty making a comeback in 2021. Between the resurgence of bucket hats and butterfly clips (and flare jeans and flatform shoes), it may as well be 2001 again.

And now, baby braids are back, too. You know, those two, face-framing plaits you wore to the eighth-grade dance? The very same ones that Britney, Christina, Bey and J.Lo wore during the TRL era? Yeah, those. In fairness, it is a fun and easy style to recreate that’s surprisingly flattering thanks to its face-framing powers. We’ll show you what we mean ahead.

Margot Robbie caused a stir when she wore this loosely braided look to Cannes. (This was also the first iteration of baby braids that made us think we could wear them again as adults.)

We love the way Karol G’s highlights are accentuated by the braids.

You can play around with the placement of your braids as well. See how Rosé from Blackpink wears one in the front and another blended into the rest of her hair.

Another pro for baby braids? They work on any hair length.

And they work with any hair texture.

FKA Twigs makes a case for thicker braids (and brightly colored ones, at that).

Fall is upon us. Pair your baby braids with a cozy scarf like Dua Lipa.

When you get bored of traditional braids, switch it up by trying bubble braids instead.

Or let them hug the sides of your face, like a semi-crown braid.

Well, what are you waiting for?

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