I Tried Magnetic Lashes to See If They're Really Worth the Hype

You know those people who have impossibly lush lashes that distract you every time they blink? I am not one of those people—or rather, I’m not naturally one of those people. I have average length lashes at best and they’re impossibly straight, so I get extensions.

But as anyone who gets extensions knows, there is always that time between appointments where your lashes are on their last leg and things start to look sparse and patchy. Which is precisely when I decided to try the much-hyped-about magnetic lash.

There are many types out there, but I chose Ardell’s because they’re a) pretty affordable at $14 a set and b) one of the most reliable brands when it comes to all things lashes. I debated between the full sets and accent strips and ended up getting the latter because I heard they were easier to apply for novices like myself. (I can confirm this to be true.)

To put them on, I lined up the top strip with the base of my natural lashes before carefully snapping the bottom pair in place. It took a couple tries to get them just right, but after that it was a pretty seamless process. And the lashes felt surprisingly comfortable on my eyes. Not too long or too flared at the ends, they looked full and fluttery (and not fake). Plus, removal is far easier than the application. You simply roll the top and bottom lashes between your thumb and pointer finger and gently pull them off. 

The verdict? I’ll definitely keep a set of magnetic lashes on hand for those weeks when I’m between appointments. And now that I have these, maybe I’ll finally take a break from getting extensions once in a while.

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