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Ever gotten a hangnail that you just can’t stop fidgeting with? Or left a manicure with your cuticles somehow looking worse? Or do you suffer from dry, brittle nails that are constantly cracking and peeling? OK we’re done. But we’re not done with obsessively applying our favorite hydrating, nourishing cuticle treatments. They brought our nails back from the dead after one too many gel manicures and now we’re spilling our best-kept beauty secret. Here are three cuticle treatments we swear by, to finally achieve hand model status.


Editors’ Pick: Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

The Facts:

  • Sweet almond oil and cocoa seed butter combine to soften cuticles
  • Vitamin E and sunflower oil strengthen and hydrate brittle nails
  • Features an uplifting lemon scent

If you look on any beauty editor’s desk, you’re sure to find a cuticle treatment tucked in with a cute assortment of pens. One PureWow editor keeps this lemony product next to her computer—and a few extras stashed in her filing cabinet at all times. She says, “My cuticles were always on the dry side, but on top of that, I can’t leave my hangnails alone. I’m trying desperately to be better about nail care, and this cuticle cream has saved me. It’s soothing when they’re irritated and way more hydrating than a hand cream. I love slathering it on in the middle of the day and letting the lemon scent act as a post-lunch pick-me-up.”

Buy It ($12 for 3)


Best Value: Cuccio Revitalize Cuticle Oil

The Facts:

  • Honey naturally soothes and moisturizes
  • Lactic acid from milk resurfaces skin
  • Lightweight and absorbs quickly

There’s just something about applying nail oil that makes a fresh manicure (or even one that’s a few days old) look so much better. This super-shiny formula is nourishing without being too heavy or leaving an oily film on nails. It absorbs almost immediately so you don’t risk staining your favorite outfit and the fragrance is so light you might not even notice it to begin with.

Buy It ($7)


Splurge-Worthy: Onsen Secret Cuticle Conditioner Serum

The Facts:

  • Made with all-natural and organic ingredients
  • Serum formula nourishes deeper than oils
  • Precise tip for easy application 

If taking #ManiMonday Instagrams is your greatest pastime, you need this cuticle conditioner, stat. It's actually more of a cream than an oil and has a pointed application tip, so it’s not messy in the slightest. We love that it’s made with safe, natural ingredients and contains a whole slew of hydrating properties like vitamins A and E, aloe vera, shea butter and Japanese seaweed. But it’s so much more than a standard cuticle treatment—it also helps to grow weak nails and shields against bacteria to keep your digits looking and feeling as healthy as possible. Once you learn to paint your nails like a pro, you’ll pretty much never need to pay for another mani again.

Buy It ($17)

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