2 Zodiac Signs Who Totally Spoil Their Kids (& 2 Who Are Amazingly Good at Saying No)

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As parents, some of us are real pushovers, and some of us have no problem drawing a line in the sand. But how do we know if we’re the type who shuttles our 9-year-old to the Apple Store for the latest iPhone? Well, the stars have a lot to say. Here are the two signs who totally spoil their kids and the two who have no problem saying no.

The Spoilers-in-Chief

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Most Likely To: Consistently stock the best snacks for their kids (and their friends, of course).

Sensitive Pisces is the sign of universal love, so it’s not a shock that they want to give their kids the world! Excellent nurturers and selfless to a fault, Pisces are often working overtime as their kids’ Playdate HR, short order cook and stylist in addition to their full-time parenting gig. Extremely compassionate, Pisces see all sides of a situation and tend to struggle with discipline. Though they’re always there to listen, they don’t want to give their kids any harsh restrictions. Since Pisces are creative, empathetic and inclusive, they’re viewed as the “cool parent” by their kids’ friends and end up incorporating the younger generation into their own social circle as their children grow up—and yes, they spoil these bonus kids as well!

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Most Likely To: Rent the jumping castle for the massive birthday bash.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries themselves are eternally young and always in touch with their inner child. So, when their kids want something, well, they can relate! As parents, Aries want their kids to have and be the very best and they’re willing to spend lots of money—sometimes beyond their means—to make sure they can have it all. You can spot an Aries’ kid from a mile away with their pink hair and designer overalls, chatting a mile a minute about their horseback riding lessons or private art class. Also known for being a bit hot tempered, Aries certainly won’t let any strict teacher or playground bully get in their kids’ way! Because they’re so in touch with their own sense of play, it’s a good idea for Aries to channel their heated impulses into doing lots of activities with their kids. With all of their energy, Aries can easily become a beloved soccer coach, Girl Scout Leader or sleepover craft aficionado who’s always invited to the party.

The Ones Who Know That Boundaries Are Everything

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

Most Likely To: Color code their kids’ schedules...and stick to it.

Virgos and Pisces are two sides of the same coin. Both signs are driven to help but while Pisces are ready to follow anyone’s command, Virgos are always the boss. Virgo parents know that freedom comes with structure and from the moment their kids are born, they want them on a strict schedule with actionable goals. From potty training through college admissions, there’s always a plan. Virgos have no problem saying no when their kids beg for extra ice cream, more hours on electronics or expensive trips and sleepaway camps. Who needs all the frills? And though their kids might resent them for being unyielding and persnickety, Virgos do know when it’s OK to break the rules and be a bit flexible too. That said, those exceptions always come with a lesson about earning your bonus.

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22)

Most Likely To: Build an architecturally significant fort for their kids.

Known for being nurturing and the literal moms of the zodiac, it might be surprising that Cancer makes the “tough guy” parenting list. But, though this water sign is concerned with comfort and family values and makes sure their kids have all the snacks and juice boxes they need, there’s a difference between being well-fed and being gluttonous. Experts at compromise, Cancers know how to give just enough without going overboard. Boundaries are important! When their kids beg for a trip to Disney World or the latest expensive toy, Cancers come up with something just as fun but more accessible like a family costume contest or competitive backyard scavenger hunt. More than any other sign, Cancers know that it’s experiences—not material objects—that create the best memories.

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