3 Zodiac Signs That Will Always Win an Argument

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Whether we’re arguing with our spouse, our best friend or our kid, some of us never seem to win an argument. Sometimes our passion for our point just makes us too emotional, pushing all logic and clarity goes out the window. Other times, we’re just facing off with someone who always comes prepared and won’t back down until we see things their way. Like everything, who wins and who loses might have something to do with our zodiac sign, so here’s our breakdown of the signs most likely to always get their way so you can go into your next debate prepared.

1. Capricorn

No one keeps calm, cool and collected during conflict like a Capricorn. The legendary Dolly Parton even made Capricorn's ability to always come out on top into a meme. “Me, after I win an argument,” she captioned a photo of herself in cap and gown. And even before she posted this, we knew that if there’s anyone who could convince Jolene not to take her man, it’s obviously Capricorn Dolly. One of the best ways to win an argument is to come into it with clear, logical thoughts. Is it necessary to get a PhD in whatever you’re trying to prove? No, but Capricorns aren’t afraid of going that extra mile and they always do their research. Ruled by discipline planet Saturn, our sea goat GOATs know how to use restrictions to their advantage, always pushing boundaries without going over the limit. When going up against an iconic Capricorn scholar, make sure you come with notes or you won’t stand a chance.

2. Scorpio

To know a Scorpio is to receive a deep kind of love, and to remain distantly acquainted with a Scorpio is to feel a deep intimidation. But it isn’t their enigmatic nature that keeps Scorpio winning arguments, it’s their ability to always remain in control. The key to persuasion is not getting carried away with emotion while you’re trying to prove your point. Though Scorpio is a water sign, and feelings are kind of their whole thing, they aren’t willing to let their guard down for just anybody. Ruled by warrior planet Mars, our secretive scorpions are all about strategy. Some might call this manipulative, but it’s just that they know their audience.

3. Virgo

There’s a fine line between always winning the argument and just always having to be right, and Virgo often toes this line. But they still deserve a spot on this list, and that’s because Virgos both think they’re right and usually are right. Ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, technical skills and constant flexibility, Virgos know how to make it work in any situation. Their unsung superpower is going with the flow. Virgos are always trying to solve the problem, so they’re never starting an argument just for the sake of getting into it (like an Aries might). Virgos think fast and are always careful to consider all the details before moving forward. Though it’s difficult to admit defeat (especially for a stubborn Taurus), going a Virgo’s way is never something you regret.

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