It's Official: LOMO Is the New FOMO

Let us explain

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The scenario: You decide to stay home one Saturday night. While scrolling through Instagram, you see all of your friends out and having fun. You now regret turning down the invite and comment, “FOMO!” FOMO, of course, is the fear of missing out.

But imagine if, when you saw that photo, you thought, Ugh, thank God I decided to stay in tonight. Sweatpants rule. Is there a cute term for that feeling?

Yes. It’s called LOMO, or love of missing out.

Unlike people who suffer from FOMO, those with LOMO bask in it. LOMO means saying no to an invitation with confidence and feeling great even when an activity is going on without you.

So try it once in a while. Just maybe avoid commenting “LOMO!” on your pals’ karaoke pictures. (You don’t want to lose friends—you just want some Netflix QT every now and then.)

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