7 PureWow Staffers on the One Wellness Practice That Helps Them Feel More Chill

When the going gets tough, the tough get a manicure. We’re speaking in hyperbole, of course, but sometimes it really can help. At least, that’s how we operate here are PureWow. From meditation to skincare and all the self-care in-between, here are seven wellness practices our editors enlist anytime they need to feel more chill.

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1. Walk It Off

“I’m infinitely more chill after taking a stroll while listening to a wellness podcast,” says Brinna L., Commerce Editor. “So random, but The Skinny Confidential Him and Her podcast with Lauryn Evarts is so, so good. She and her husband interview entrepreneurs, many of which are in health/beauty/wellness and it’s super inspiring and informative! I always feel like I walk away (pun intended) with some new knowledge.”

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2. Love On Your Skin

“I feel my best when my I’m taking good care of my skin, so going through the motions of my skincare routine brings me a sense of calm. Maybe because it’s one thing I have control over right now,” reveals Cristina G., Senior Editor. “It’s like everything’s right in the world for that one minute when I massage serum into my skin. The products I’m loving right now are Olay’s Deep Hydration Serum and the Deep Hydrating Eye Gel. They are both so soothing and the eye gel is plumping so that when I use them together they give my face a visible pick-me-up—one that simultaneously puts my mind at ease.”

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3. Stretch It Out

“Every morning and night, I do five minutes of back stretches (cobra, cat/cow and hamstring stretches). I started last year when I had to go physical therapy for lower back pain, but now it’s become a centering part of my everyday—a chance to enter into and out of the day and keep my back nice and limber,” explains Jillian, VP of Content.

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4. Drink A Glass Of Cbd

“I’m no scientist, but I really do believe that taking CBD on a daily basis has helped take the edge off of my anxiety. Lately, I’ve been really into Zolt’s sticks that can be mixed into a glass of water (my fave is the unflavored, caffeine-free version that’s totally tasteless),” notes Dena S., Fashion Editor. “Not only does it encourage me to drink more H20 everyday (something I could always use some help with), but it’s become a part of my morning routine that I actually look forward to.”

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5. Start Your Morning Mindfully

“I try to meditate for five to ten minutes in the morning to start my day off with some calm. I’ve been meditating on and off for a few years now, but I always come back to it because I notice that I’m more relaxed and less reactive on days where I do it,” reveals Kara C., Assistant Commerce Editor. Sometimes I’ll search YouTube for a quick-guided meditation, but lately I’ve been loving this free app called Insight Timer that has guided meditations and tells you how many consecutive days you've meditated. I’m determined to break 10 days in a row, but it’s hard!”

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6. Recharge With Jumping Jacks

“I’ve been popping outside and forcing myself to do 25 to 50 jumping jacks a couple of times a day. It’s still that transitional weather, so temps can vary. (I did it in 30 degrees!) But it’s a jolt to the system I didn’t know I needed. It wakes up my brain, but also my breathing and energy levels. Much needed right now!” says Rachel B., Senior Editor, Special Projects.

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7. Break Out The Nail Polish

“While I love getting a professional manicure, I usually prefer to paint my own nails at home. I find it relaxing to go through the whole ritual of treating, shaping and painting,” Rachel G., Associate Managing Editor, tell us. “Plus, if the polish ends up chipping it’s easy to touch-up since I own the color. My years of practice have certainly paid off during this quarantine. I might be embracing the WFH look a bit too much but at least my nails look nice.”

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