Your Weekly Horoscopes: April 14 to 20

It’s almost Taurus season, but before we can luxuriate in the warm, springy winds of the bull, we have to first get through another rowdy full moon in Libra on the 19th. This one may really shake us up, just when we were getting comfortable with most planets still moving direct. But once we get to the 20th, we’re putting our feet up even if inside we’re still a little wired. The trick to relaxing is about making yourself believe you can.

12 aries

Learning something new about your partner may alter how you see them, but it doesn’t have to disrupt the bedrock of your relationship. It’s nearly impossible for people to evolve on perfectly parallel tracks, so accept that one of you is in a growth spurt and the other is…just trying to hang on.

1 taurus

It’s your season, Taurus, but you still may receive some extra homework you didn’t expect this week. Whether it’s rewriting a blog post or attending more physical therapy sessions for your torn hamstring, you’ll need to exercise that famous Taurean patience to make it to the weekend.

2 gemini

The line between lover and nemesis is a little thinner this week. If you’re enjoying the honeymoon phase of a relationship, watch out for conflicts that suddenly put you two on opposite sides of the room in resentful silence. The good news? A spontaneous romantic gesture could get you back to snuggling in no time at all.

3 cancer

The tension at home might get a little worse each day this week, like a crescendo of domestic stress. Don’t suffer a slow-dripping faucet or creaky floorboard to fix itself; call in the experts as early as possible. It can be tough to ask for help, but Cancer—you need help.

4 leo

Now’s really not the best time to lob a funny-but-way-too-honest barb at any friends who’ve been on your nerves. Humor is often your way of honey-coating hard truths, but the sting of this one will be way too obvious. Bite your honey tongue until next week and hang out with anyone else so as not to tempt yourself.

5 virgo

You’ll need every bit of your Virgo organizational talents this week, especially when it comes to finances. Expect a certain level of mayhem and you won’t be surprised when there are overdraft fees or rollover charges that you didn’t incur and now have to talk your way out of. Luckily you have every receipt and are excellent at arguing.

6 libra

Feel free to warn the people closest to you that this is not the week to boss you around. With the full moon in your sign, you have no patience for anyone trying to exert control over you. Find the pleasure in saying no to requests without offering an excuse—you don’t need one. It’s just no. Enjoy it.

7 scorpio

Take this week very slow, Scorpio. The full moon may inspire some fitful dreams or late-night anxieties, and you can’t afford to burn the candle at both ends until it passes. You may not realize how sleepy and worn out you are, so no challenging anyone to a push-up contest. It’s only worth it if you know you’re going to win...

8 sagittarius

An argument with a friend may cause you to leave the entire circle. It’s not that you’ll be exiled, but you may decide the whole dynamic is no longer for you. If you’re hoping to avoid a total showdown, try catching up with a totally new crew this week. Their vibe will shift your perspective and help you know what you really want.


Oof, this week may deliver some disappointing career news—which will hurt most of all because you didn’t see it coming. But flexibility in the face of unforeseen obstacles will be part of any winning strategy, and in the end, this particular setback won’t touch your long game.

10 aquarius

You were two clicks away from booking a gorgeous Airbnb overlooking the cliffs of Positano, when your spouse unhelpfully remembered that the next few weeks are already spoken for with birthdays, weddings, work trips and your parents’ anniversary. This is worse than life getting in the way—it’s other people’s lives. There’s nothing you can do besides try to enjoy the open bar.

11 pisces

If you were waiting on an advance, a commission or a bonus, you may receive a string of excuses and delays this week. Eventually, you’ll get your money, but you might be surprised how many hoops you have to jump through. Brush up on some hardball negotiation skills—you’re basically your own lawyer through this process.

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