Your Weekly Horoscopes: September 27 to October 3, 2020

This week’s cosmic weather could certainly open a portal to a new dimension. On Sunday the 27th, Mercury enters Scorpio where the communication planet has no patience for pleasantries and idle chatter, preferring hard questions and deep conversation or sometimes...silence. To add to this mysterious vibe, sweet Venus makes an energizing trine to Mars retrograde on Monday the 28th, giving us some added charisma. And with Saturn ending its retrograde on Tuesday the 29th—the discipline planet has been moving backward since May 13th!—we feel better getting back into a steady routine. Though with Mars retrograde squaring off with Saturn on the same day, we’re facing some of the same frustrations and inhibitions that were coming up around August 24th. How can we make these setbacks part of the plan?

The full moon in Aries welcomes us to October on Thursday the 1st. This lunation gives us some heat, encouraging us to get out and spend time with friends before it’s too cold to make socially distant plans. Finally, on Friday the 2nd, Venus enters Virgo where the love planet shows her affection through sweeping the floors and folding the laundry. Let’s lean into the love language of organization.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

6 libra

Let this week be a salve for all that FOMO! At the full moon on the 1st, why not organize a safe gathering for friends or coworkers? It’s tricky (and exhausting AF!) when the simple question of “how are you?” opens up an endless can of sensitive worms but you’re up for the challenge of bringing people together. Grab some CBD sodas and let the influencer become you! Venus glides into Virgo and your unconscious sector on the 2nd, allowing you to step away with no regrets for some time with all texts on Do Not Disturb.

This week’s mantra: You’re a positive influence.

7 scorpio

You’re either feeling totally useless or totally burnt out and most likely, it’s a little bit of both. Mercury enters your sign on the 27th though which helps you better articulate your feelings to friends, family and your therapist too. Then on the 29th, you get a repeat of a scheduling mishap or disappointing work meeting that first occurred back on August 24th. Does this keep happening because you’re getting in your own way? The full moon on the 1st helps you evaluate your in-progress routines. What habits are definitely non-negotiable?

This week’s mantra: Ask for help if you’re stuck.

8 sagittarius

Despite the heavy vibes of the week, there’s reason for you to be excited, dear Sagittarius. The full moon on the 1st helps you clarify where you stand with a romantic prospect or creative collaborator. Maybe your first date or brainstorm session was incredible but then you couldn’t get a read on them to follow up. This week, you know whether they’re busy or blowing you off. On the 2nd, sweet Venus glides into your career sector which boosts your public presence. Yes, it’s really that tweet that somehow goes viral.

This week’s mantra: If you’re confused, just ask.


Since May, your ruling planet Saturn has been retrograde, which means that all those calls about added responsibilities and leveling up have gone straight to voicemail. But on the 29th, Saturn starts moving forward again, giving you a burst of energy to get back to work on a big goal. Though frustrations with your family or your living situation keep you from fully diving into “the work,” you’re at least ready to get started. Is there somewhere you can go that won’t hold you back?

This week’s mantra: Go where you can thrive.

10 aquarius

Saturn—your ruling planet—stations direct on the 29th, giving you a clarity that hasn’t been there since the middle of May. You’re ready to focus on the big picture and put the finishing touches on a major project you’ve been developing since late 2017. Be cautious with your energy though because with this sense of purpose comes the added stress of confirming details, sending tons of emails and making scary phone calls. This all feels particularly sensitive at the full moon on the 1st. Try to remember that the chaos of communication is usually worth it.

This week’s mantra: Your power time is now.

11 pisces

This week’s full moon on the 1st falls in your financial sector, and though your cash flow has been slow all month, you get news this week that makes you feel secure about the future. If you’re a freelancer, those new services you’re offering are gaining momentum. And if you’re considering a career shift, an intriguing opportunity lands in your inbox. Make time to discuss your options with your partner or a trusted friend, especially after Venus glides into practical Virgo on the 2nd. Hang onto your support as you prepare to make waves.

This week’s mantra: You’re attracting abundance.

12 aries

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember to breathe. You once dreamed of being this busy. The full moon on the 1st gives you a spotlight, but are you being captured at your best angle? Leadership comes in many different forms and you don’t have to copy someone else to make a splash. Whether it’s cooking a delicious meal on a first date or having a really special day with your kids, take note of what brings you joy this week. You’re going to want to revisit this feeling in the colder months to come.

This week’s mantra: All eyes are on you.

1 taurus

Whether you and your boo decided to quarantine in a different city or you’ve just gone deep with your Zoom yoga practice, since late June you’ve been on a spiritual quest. At the full moon on the 1st, you understand how much this retreat has truly paid off. But it’s also a shock to realize how much you’ve grown up and away from a previous routine. Your ruling planet Venus enters Virgo on the 2nd which reminds you of romance and pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Let your impulses guide you.

This week’s mantra: Pay attention to your growth.

2 gemini

Things get introspective this week as your ruling planet Mercury enters Scorpio on the 27th. This is a wonderful transit for journaling, intense conversations and deep cleaning your closets. But, if you have important communications like emails, speaking gigs or writing assignments, these are difficult to accomplish under these skies. Make sure to prepare your workspace carefully each day for maximum focus. Try shutting off your phone and setting a timer for concentration. The full moon on the 1st especially brings messages from friends which easily become major distractions. Acknowledge what can wait.

This week’s mantra: Laser focus is key.

3 cancer

Though it has felt like an uphill battle these last few months to get yourself out there and work on your career, the full moon on the 1st brings a breakthrough moment for your public image. All of that effort really wasn’t for nothing! This week of good news could also bring a promotion or some extra cash if you can lean into the sweet talking and negotiation skills you’ve been building as well. If you can, schedule the meeting about your salary for the 28th as the positive vibes on that day could definitely work in your financial favor.

This week’s mantra: Keep playing the game.

4 leo

You might find yourself traveling to take care of some family business this week as Mercury glides into Scorpio and your home sector on the 27th. Something that you’ve been putting off since last year is ready to be settled. And with the full moon in Aries on the 1st giving you the urge to get away, you might as well hop in the car, queue up some podcasts and prepare to clean all those skeletons out of the closet. Even if the situation used to make you nervous, the freedom of doing it in your own way and in your own time inspires you to go ahead.

This week’s mantra: If you’ve been avoiding something, now’s the time.

5 virgo

Though this week is anything but chill, you may feel drawn to retreat and reflect. On the 27th, your ruling planet Mercury enters moody Scorpio and you start plotting your strategy to woo your crush via text. (If you’re sending a thirst trap with those missives, wait until the 2nd when Venus glides into your sign and boosts your confidence!) Then the full moon on the 1st comes with huge news about a loan or investment, but to make the most of it, you have to act quickly. What’s worth taking on the extra debt?

This week’s mantra: Go deep or go home.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...