Your September 2020 Horoscopes

September is about boundaries, which is to say: It’s not going to be easy. In fact, most of this month is going to feel like stepping hard on the gas only to realize the car is stuck in park. The full moon in Pisces on Wednesday the 2nd though is a moment of sweetness and liberation. Full moons are catharsis and this one reminds us to chase our dreams.

On Saturday the 5th, Mercury enters diplomatic Libra followed by Venus’s grand entrance into dramatic Leo on Sunday the 6th. Though our desires are burning hot this month, we’re obliged to keep our communications and our romantic gestures polite, considerate and to the point. This becomes particularly charged when Mars stations retrograde in Aries on Wednesday the 9th—a planetary shift that sets much of the cosmic mood through November 13th. Though we can’t wait to get ahead, we must slow down if we’re ever going to make any progress.

Jupiter—planet of opportunity and optimism—goes direct on the 12th, which provides a glimmer of hope in the dark. The new moon in Virgo on Thursday the 17th—which closes out the season for our meticulous earth sign—invites us to write our to-do list and stick to it until every item is checked off.

Libra season arrives on September the 22nd. Happy birthday to our gorgeous babes who keep the balance while tipping the scales, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) and the man who’d catch a grenade for us: Bruno Mars. The sun in Libra ends up in the crossfire of rigid Saturn and aggressive Mars (which make an exact square on Tuesday the 29th as Saturn gains momentum while stationing direct) making conflict unavoidable. Tensions are high and so are the stakes so tread carefully.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

5 virgo

The full moon in Pisces on the 2nd falls in your commitment sector and whether you’re throwing a backyard wedding or going into business with your BFF, celebrate safely with the ones you love. On the 5th, Mercury enters Libra and brings your detailed attention to your finances. And though the new moon in your sign on the 17th has you feeling yourself (skincare is self-care!), the following week (through the 24th) brings a lot of monetary stress as you figure out how to balance what’s yours and what you owe. On the 27th, Mercury enters Scorpio and your communication sector where it eventually retrogrades next month. Choose your words carefully.

Love Horoscope: With both expansive Jupiter and disciplined Saturn stationing direct and picking up speed this month (on the 12th and 29th respectively), there’s both more opportunities to date as well as more limits on how that dating happens. Around the 29th especially, you’re tempted to shift your boundaries to meet a hottie.

Money Horoscope: With action planet Mars retrograde in your shared finances sector starting on the 9th, most of this month (and the rest of the fall) is spent dealing with delayed contracts, tax extensions and refinancing loans. There’s more money for you to spend when the sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, but you’re better off saving it all for a rainy day.

6 libra

The full moon in Pisces on the 2nd brings a culmination to a project you began back in February. Now the question is what’s next? Take note of the routines that help you feel grounded and commit to them this month. With your ruling planet Venus moving into Leo on the 6th, you’re all fired up to get involved in a cause close to your heart. Then on the 17th, the new moon in Virgo is a welcome excuse for you to take some time away. Enjoy the stillness while you can because once the sun enters your sign on the 22nd, you have no choice but to be in the spotlight.

Love Horoscope: On the 15th, you may meet someone intriguing through a friend but try not to rush into anything too quickly. With Mars stationing retrograde in your one-on-one relationship sector on the 9th, you’re ready to cut people out of your life so avoid starting conflict with those who ultimately don’t matter.

Money Horoscope: If you’re in a tight spot, the 15th is an ideal time to take a loan from a friend, Communication planet Mercury moves into your money sector on the 27th where it will retrograde later this fall, so start paying extra attention to where and how you spend your cash.

7 scorpio

Sweetness arrives with the full moon in Pisces on the 2nd as a romance or creative endeavor reaches its climax. Then Venus enters your career sector on the 6th broadening your platform or at least keeping you on your boss’s good side! Despite these boosts, your ruling planet, Mars, stations retrograde on the 9th, and it feels like you’re forced into slow motion. What have you been working toward that needs revision? The new moon on the 17th is an ideal time to (safely) gather with friends and reconfigure your plans. Though Libra season (from the 22nd) is usually the time to rest, on the 29th you’re back in the action when a conflict from August 24th returns with a vengeance.

Love Horoscope: As mentioned, the full moon on the 2nd brings some excitement to your love life—a crush from back in February reappears or you finally figure out how to break things off with your quarantine boo. If you’re in a committed relationship, your partner pulls you out of your personal rut on the 15th with some unexpected yet still excellent advice.

Money Horoscope: Your finances mostly remain steady this month, though some small projects may pick up speed when expansive Jupiter goes direct on the 12th. Libra season is an ideal time for you to keep a low profile so try to spend as little as possible.

8 sagittarius

Whether you’re moving into a place by yourself for the first time or reuniting with your family, the full moon in Pisces on the 2nd marks a major moment in your private life. You’ve been struggling with money all year, but luckily Jupiter stationing direct on the 12th opens up your cash flow so you can invest in more things for yourself and your home. At the new moon in Virgo on the 17th, use the practical vibes to set intentions for your career. Though 2020 may have left your goals on read, it’s never too early to start planning for next year! With the sun’s move into Libra on the 22nd, friends and community are what hold you together this fall. How can you get more involved?

Love Horoscope: As Mars stations retrograde in your romance sector on the 9th, get ready for all kinds of lovers from the past to come knocking on your door. Even if you’re in a happy relationship, it’s hard to resist the pull of this nostalgia. When a friend begs you not to buy a plane ticket to visit one of these ghosts on the 29th, listen to her (and travel advisories).

Money Horoscope: On the 4th, things get sticky when a friend asks you to pay her back with money you don’t have. Luckily, some funds that were restricted or didn’t previously exist become available after the 12th.


The full moon in Pisces on the 2nd leads you on a quick trip out of town to visit an old friend or your sister. Enjoy the adventure! Though you’re feeling insecure as the month begins, Jupiter stations direct on the 12th, giving you a much-needed self-esteem boost. Use this renewed confidence at the new moon in Virgo on the 17th to set goals for your spiritual and intellectual growth. It’s important to make a plan (or sign up for that virtual meditation retreat) quickly because as soon as Libra season begins on the 22nd, your focus is on your career. The 29th may leave you feeling defeated, like all your hard work was for nothing. But remember that every battle makes you stronger.

Love Horoscope: If you’re in a relationship, then the new moon in Pisces on the 2nd is a wonderful time for a quick, safe getaway with your lover. If you’re in the dating game, things get complicated when a first date turns into a therapy session on the 15th. Not everyone deserves your attention.

Money Horoscope: With Venus in your shared finance sector starting on the 6th, money should easily flow your way this month. If you’re moving and in need of cash, you’re pleasantly surprised with an unexpected rent decrease or security deposit return on the 28th.

10 aquarius

The full moon in Pisces on the 2nd brings groundbreaking financial news that you’ve been waiting for since February. Then on the 6th, love planet Venus moves into your commitment sector and you become totally obsessed with your new relationship (watch out for a big emotional conversation when Venus trines Mars on the 28th). After the love spell fades, the new moon in Virgo on the 17th is a time to plan joint finances or finally file your taxes. Get the money sorted while you can because as soon as the sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, your focus is on the spiritual rather than the material. And by the 29th, you have to make a choice about what’s worth your time. Know your limits.

Love Horoscope: With Venus in your relationship sector, your partner is getting your undivided sweetness and attention. And as the planet of love squares off with radical Uranus on the 15th, you’re unexpectedly forced to make a huge decision about housing together. Is it time to create a shared home?

Money Horoscope: As mentioned above, money is on your mind this month: both what’s yours and what’s shared. When Jupiter stations direct on the 12th, you could also see an influx of side hustle ideas, extra projects and new clients. These offers are promising but won’t fully take off until later in the year.

11 pisces

The full moon in Pisces on the 2nd is all about you (a welcome relief in Virgo season: The time of year that has you most distracted by everyone else’s problems). Schedule a haircut or a hot bath and relax! After the 12th as Jupiter stations direct, getting more involved in your community improves both your health and your performance at work. Things get complicated at the new moon in Virgo on the 17th when you and your partner can’t see eye to eye. Set intentions the following weekend about moving forward together. This is important as Libra season (from the 22nd) puts your focus on shared finances. What are you willing to sacrifice?

Love Horoscope: With Mercury and the sun in your relationship sector at the top of the month, you only have eyes for your boo. Though a harsh comment from a friend on the 2nd has you thinking twice about commitment. The new moon on the 17th is a time to renew your vows if you’re in this for the long haul.

Money Horoscope: Mars goes retrograde in your finance sector on the 9th which puts a halt on your income. If you’re waiting on a check, make sure you delivered the work! Tension builds with this situation through the 29th when things erupt with a friend or coworker who owes you money.

12 aries

The full moon in Pisces on the 2nd makes you want to get out of town or at least take an extended digital detox. This break is certainly necessary because once your ruling planet Mars goes retrograde on the 9th, you spend the rest of the month (and the rest of the fall!) pushing yourself beyond your limits. The new moon in Virgo on the 17th is an optimal time to reset your routines for the fall. How can you feel less like you’re living at work? As Libra season begins on the 22nd, your focus shifts to your relationships and commitments. Who sticks with you when the going gets tough?

Love Horoscope: As the month begins, you’re better off staying home and staying off the apps to avoid conflict, especially around the full moon in Pisces on the 2nd. But as love planet Venus moves into your romance sector on the 6th, you can’t help but crave being noticed. If you’re in a relationship, then the focus is all on your partner once Libra season begins on the 22nd. There’s a lot to do but you can do it together.

Money Horoscope: If you’re experiencing difficulties with money at the beginning of the month, cash starts flowing after the 12th as career opportunities pick up. By the 28th, you feel back on track even as more and more obligations start to weigh you down.

1 taurus

What new friendships did you form around the new moon in Pisces back on February 23rd? Whatever you put into motion back then comes to fruition at the full moon on the 2nd. Then, on the 6th, Venus enters Leo and you become a living, breathing Pinterest board as you fantasize about updating your home. A color palette that’s a bit out there—a chartreuse couch? Why not!—inspires you on the 15th. With all your home improvement ideas at the ready, use the new moon in Virgo on the 17th as a time to set goals around your creativity. Once Libra season begins on the 22nd, your focus shifts to your routines so make sure to schedule time for artistic projects too.

Love Horoscope: Virgo season is all about getting your love affairs in order ––especially with Mercury in the practical earth sign through the 5th. The new moon on the 17th also helps you refresh your dating life. Set those renewed intentions by grabbing a drink (safely) with someone cute.

Money Horoscope: With Mercury in Libra and your daily grind sector from the 5th through the 27th, money flows as you stick to a routine. Once Mercury enters Scorpio on the 27th, there’s potential to build even more financial security with a business partner throughout the fall.

2 gemini

The full moon on the 2nd marks a major moment for your career whether you’re taking on more responsibilities at work or receiving the final clue that it’s time to change your path. On the 5th, your ruling planet Mercury moves into Libra, which puts your focus on your creative and romantic life, though obligations weigh you down from the 17th to the 23rd that keep you from having too much fun. As things pile on, make sure to schedule some time after the new moon on the 17th—which falls in your home sector—to scrub the floors, empty your closets and generally refresh your private life. On the 27th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which makes routine your main concern for the rest of the Fall.

Love Horoscope: Though Libra season is usually an especially romantic time for you, a series of difficult aspects from the 17th to the 23rd lowkey ruins the vibe. If you’re in a relationship, money issues that you’ve been dealing with together either resolve or get worse around the 12th.

Money Horoscope: The huge career news that arrives with the full moon in Pisces on the 2nd also comes with financial stress. With Jupiter and Saturn both stationing direct this month (on the 12th and 29th respectively), there are more opportunities for investments or loans that also come with added responsibility.

3 cancer

If you aren’t sure about what’s next, the full moon in Pisces on the 2nd illuminates a possible spiritual or educational path. And though this epiphany comes with some doubts, on the 12th you get a confidence boost letting you know you’re on the right track. The new moon in Virgo on the 17th is a great time to set boundaries around your communications. Especially as Libra season begins on the 22nd and you get very wrapped up in home and family matters that likely have you in constant contact with a sibling or close friend. If you set rules early, then the added stress of work that picks up again on the 29th makes it easier to face your inbox.

Love Horoscope: Rigid Saturn and aggressive Mars remain in a tight square for the entire month which really throws off your work/life balance, especially when it comes to your partner. And though it feels like the romance is back on around the 12th, by the 29th you are likely weighed down by more and more obligations. Remember that you’re both doing the best you can.

Money Horoscope: Sweet Venus gliding into your finance sector on the 6th is a great omen for your cash flow. A nudge from a coworker on the 15th even gets you in your manager’s office (or, well, Zoom meeting) to ask for a raise.

4 leo

A financial windfall arrives with the full moon in Pisces on the 2nd: an inheritance coming through, a lucrative freelance client or your long-awaited tax return. On the 6th, Venus glides into your glamorous sign so go ahead and treat yourself! You’ve been so desperate for this boost—your skin is just glowing!—that it even improves your productivity at work. Compliments are fuel! Then at the new moon in Virgo on the 17th, you’re meticulously reorganizing your systems and files to get ready for the projects and clients you’re taking on this fall. On the 22nd, the sun’s shift into Libra brings on a season of you circulating the neighborhood and getting back in touch with friends. Watch out for who’s coming out of the woodwork!

Love Horoscope: If you’ve been in a bit of a dry spell, things pick up in your dating life as Jupiter stations direct on the 12th. If you’re in a relationship, conflict may arise on the 29th when you realize you want different things for the future. Are your values truly aligned?

Money Horoscope: As mentioned above, money is definitely coming your way at the full moon on the 2nd. But if you work freelance or have consistent issues with payroll, the week of the 17th has some snafus that keep you from getting paid so save the extra cash when you can.

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