Your Weekly Horoscopes: November 24 to 30, 2019

Thanksgiving is here, and luckily the skies are feeling just as thankful as we are. On the 24th, as harmonious Venus teams up with bountiful Jupiter, both in audacious Sagittarius, good fortune permeates the air. On the 26th, there’s an inspiring new moon in the archer’s sign. These are genuinely lucky days, so go against everything your mother taught you and test your luck.

Sagittarius season is all about looking up, looking ahead and making a splash. With Mars clashing with radical Uranus this week, the probability that things will go exactly as planned are slim to none, but that doesn’t mean the outcome won’t be surprisingly wonderful. Make the bacon-wrapped turducken or try out that decadent salted caramel apple pie recipe for dinner with your boyfriend’s parents even if you’re not sure it will come out looking (or tasting) like it’s supposed to. Let’s lean into the adventure of experimentation this week.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

8 sagittarius

Prioritize your mental health this Thanksgiving, dear Sagittarius. The new moon on the 26th is in your sign, so if you’ve been dreading your family party, devise clear boundaries before you step into the lion’s den: Have a time you need to leave. Is it for a foot reflexology appointment? Sure, but you still have a hard out at 7 p.m. If your escape plan is foiled, be sure to take breaks from the noise. A long walk with a beloved cousin after some stressful encounters at the big meal can soothe your spirit. Be gracious while you exert your boundaries.


Whether you’re spending your first holiday with your boyfriend’s family or your sister is insisting on a deep-fried turkey, accept that how this Thanksgiving unfolds is totally out of your hands. In fact, embrace losing control and being swooped into someone else’s journey. Who knows? You might love the new tradition. On the 25th, you feel extra pretty, so take that energy shopping for a festive outfit or to get a much-needed manicure. After a period of self-doubt, it feels great to be more confident in your own skin.

10 aquarius

There’s lots going on with your family and even more at work. And of course, it’s all coming to a head this week (panicked texts from your sister! desperate emails from a new client!). Respond accordingly, sure, but then rechannel any remaining workhorse energy toward something that really needs it. Gather some friends on the 26th to volunteer at a food drive, soup kitchen or senior center. Put away your phone and focus on the task at hand. The client can wait. Your sister can problem solve.

11 pisces

You’re excessively worried about impressing your extended family––or your fiancé’s parents—over Thanksgiving. You know this. What you don’t know is why? Why are you so dang concerned about how others perceive you? The fact is, you’re happy. You love your job. You’re happy with your personal life. You even love your Thanksgiving outfit. Maybe you’re feeling protective of the life you’ve made. But the walls you put up will only make those around you want to tear them down. So try inviting your family—and your fiancé’s parents—into your world this holiday. Sharing your life will bring you all closer together.

12 aries

On the 24th, you stumble upon a home decor sale, and though you want to impress your in-laws with your furnishings, think twice before making a (semi-frivolous) purchase: Do you really need a planter that also functions as a litter box? (On second thought, maybe you should get that…) Still, be warned: A more important expense might come up later in the week—you’ve never bought a turkey before, so beware. If you have a hard time relaxing while you host, try to focus on the big picture rather than getting caught up in the tiny details. Step outside, breathe and set your eyes on the thing that is farthest away. Focus on what’s ahead.

1 taurus

Though you are an extreme creature of habit, this Thanksgiving you are craving something…fresh. The new moon on the 26th welcomes a new era of collaboration for you, so why not start by joining forces with your family to change things up for the big meal? If you are usually super controlling about the side dishes, let your brother make the sweet potatoes for once. If your parents are too exhausted to cook, suggest eating out instead (more and more people are doing it). Embrace the chance to make new memories.

2 gemini

Even though you’re really looking forward to seeing your family this Thanksgiving, it’s bittersweet that something or someone important won’t be joining you—whether it’s a new lover or an insight about yourself. For whatever reason, you’re avoiding bringing this aspect of your life to the family table. On the 24th, though, you have an epiphany. Perhaps you and the new paramour have an extra-romantic night or maybe an appointment with an energy healer arouses your soul. Either way, by the 26th something has cosmically awakened that is meant to last. So take part in the mandatory family time and annual viewing of The Family Stone because this spark will last past the holidays.


3 cancer

You’re hosting Thanksgiving this year and you’re slowly realizing why this meal is the cause of so much family drama. It’s a lot of work! Between organizing the logistics of where everyone will sit and how every dish will fit in the oven, as well as casually deep cleaning your entire home before the first guest arrives (Nana is always a cool three hours early), you are burned out. On the 26th, call that friend who has the best advice to be a sounding board. Maybe you don’t need to make eight different kinds of cranberry sauce. It’s OK to keep it simple.

4 leo

An intriguing stranger hits you up over Tinder or at your BFF’s Friendsgiving on the 24th. If you’re feeling hesitant to say yes to a date this week, try to move past your initial outlook and book in one more social gathering (even if it’s just the two of you) before heading home for the holidays. Invite him over for a bottle of wine while you prepare the Brussels sprouts you’re bringing to your aunt’s house. Even if you’re happily taken already, the new moon on the 26th is the dawn of a new era for your romantic life. Enjoy the ride.

5 virgo

You’ve been having communication issues with one of the most important people in your life. Whether your husband has been withholding his feels or your favorite coworker has been skipping your weekly lunches, a cathartic conversation on the 27th relieves the tension. And no, that tension will not be replaced by a crazed family Thanksgiving. In fact, the new moon in your family sector this week guarantees that everyone will be on their best behavior over the holiday weekend. (Thank god.) So get cozy! Have some fancy wine and cheese with Grandma and embrace the opportunity to hibernate in peace.

6 libra

You don’t want to be seen as the baby of the family anymore, but everyone still treats you like that. With your parents aging, your siblings having kids and your boyfriend becoming a staple at family events, remember that you’re not alone: Everyone is having growing pains as their roles shift. Share your feelings, but also be open to hearing your siblings’ and parents’ feelings. You can all move forward together. At the new moon on the 26th, you’re feeling extra chatty, so use the trip home as an excuse to connect with a childhood friend or long-lost cousin. It’s refreshing to see how you both have grown.

7 scorpio

Though you are known for being right about most things, dear Scorpio, to avoid a major argument on the 24th, you might want to keep your thoughts to yourself. Channel any extra aggression you are feeling into Pilates or a jog or getting creative with the sides for Thanksgiving dinner—hassleback butternut squash? Yes, please. The new moon on the 26th has you feeling generous, so if you do end up in a scuffle, smooth it over with an apology gift. It’s amazing how a bottle of pét-net can solve any problem.

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