Your Weekly Horoscopes: November 10 to 16, 2019

This week offers a moment of clarity in the midst of a cosmic roller coaster. On the 11th, Mercury meets the sun, and we are halfway through Mercury retrograde! Pay attention: The answer that has been alluding you was probably hidden in plain sight. The very next day on the 12th, there is a gorgeous full moon in Taurus! Taurus is the sign of tactile comforts so let’s light some candles and show ourselves some love. Prioritize pleasure because a gift like this moon only comes once per year. Be mindful on the 14th as sweet Venus squares off with hazy Neptune and the temptation to party too hard or spend too much is extra potent. We can certainly indulge our pleasures while remaining grounded.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

6 libra

You’ve been chasing invoices and dealing with payroll errors all month, and on the 11th, you finally get paid. Celebrate the full moon on the 12th by...making a huge payment on a loan! Though it would be more fun to splurge on something frivolous, paying off debts can be its own luxury. On the 14th, you may end up at a wild party in your neighborhood that feels like a dream—maybe you haven't gone to real party in a while or maybe you're experiencing a contact high. Whatever the case, go with the flow and enjoy yourself, but don't lose yourself crowd surfing (or, more realistically, drinking too much). 

7 scorpio

This week’s full moon in Taurus is a particularly romantic one for you, so plan a special date with your sweetheart. Make sure it’s something you both want to do. Together. You are feeling abundant this month so maybe an expensive five-course tasting menu or a luxurious couples’ massage is in order (just keep checking your bank account and don’t go too overboard!). If you’re not careful, on the 14th, you might splurge on a treat that’s more sugary than satisfying. Make sure you are investing thoughtfully.

8 sagittarius

The full moon on the 12th is all about leveling up your health so pick up your latent swimming lessons or commit to eight glasses of water per day. Whatever you start now is ready to become a ritual. On the 14th, take some time to vision board your desired home improvements. Whether it’s browsing Pinterest for bathroom storage ideas or actually hitting up some open houses in your area, let yourself live the fantasy of upgrading your space.


Give yourself a break, Capricorn. Though being responsible is always your priority, since March, you’ve been experimenting with actually letting your proverbial hair down. And whether you’re testing the waters of Tinder, exploring your kinks or just getting to seeing more art, use the full moon on the 12th to celebrate having your cake and eating it too. On the 14th, spend some time journaling (or even collaging!) to process all that has changed. It’s OK to brag about your progress.

10 aquarius

On the 11th, all of the work-related stress pulsing since late October comes to a culmination. And even if things get messy, take a moment to enjoy the catharsis. The full moon in Taurus on the 12th is your cue to get cozy at home so celebrate the end of that drama with a bottle of natural wine and a binge of this Euphoria show you keep hearing about. Don’t let anyone pull you off the couch for anything less than an emergency, OK? You deserve to relax.

11 pisces

If planning your next big adventure has been causing you strife, a breakthrough in the details comes on the 11th—finally, your boss approved your PTO dates or a snafu with your credit card points is resolved. With that sorted you can now pay attention to the present. Particularly, your home. The full moon in Taurus on the 12th is a wonderful time to get in touch with your neighborhood. Order a matcha latte at the cute new coffee shop. Skip the big box grocery store and buy what you need for dinner at the weekly farmers market. All that you need isn’t very far away.

12 aries

Whether it’s consolidating your credit cards or renegotiating your student loans, you finally get clear about debts and what’s owed on the 11th. This relief allows you to spend the full moon on the 12th comforting yourself and luxuriating in what’s yours. Is it finally time to book the flights for your dream vacation with your sweetheart? Get the tickets and, while you’re at it, get yourself a guide book, too. Feel the plan in the palm of your hands.

1 taurus

On the 11th, whether you find yourself breaking up or taking your relationship to the next level, hashing things out with someone else allows you to find peace with yourself. The full moon on the 12th is in your sign so don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate you! Buy a new outfit or upgrade for the fancy nail art. Express yourself! On the 14th, be careful not to waste your money on something hastily recommended by a friend (just because salicylic acid is a lifesaving skin-care product for Laura does not mean it will work for you). Do your research first.

2 gemini

Mercury retrograde has left you feeling massively disorganized, and when you miss yet another payment or appointment on the 11th, take the hint and hold yourself responsible for these errors—it’s time to plan better. The full moon on the 12th is a chance for you to get some rest. Request a day off of work ASAP so that you can use the time to get organized, reset and start fresh. An intriguing opportunity (job offer?) comes your way on the 13th, so you’ll want to have everything in order to submit your résumé. The best change happens when you brace yourself with the hard work of preparation.

3 cancer

On the 11th, you have a creative breakthrough, so take the inspiration and run with it. Use the full moon in Taurus on the 12th as an excuse to gather your friends and share the creative bounty. If you’ve long wanted to host a Friendsgiving or just a simple wine night at your house, now is the time. On the 14th, keep the momentum going and volunteer to help out at a community event. Spend time with people who add meaning to your life.

4 leo

The full moon in Taurus on the 12th marks major progress in your career. Whether it’s starting a dream position or a much-needed hiatus, you deserve the comfort and splendor of this moment, so bask in its glory while you can. After getting a ping from someone you haven’t heard from in a while—a traveling sibling, a grandparent or an old friend—on the 11th, take some time this week to catch up with this person. Share your good news with them and indulge the part of you that loves to show off. Whoever you’re talking to wants to hear how you’re thriving.

5 virgo

That text message or email you’ve been waiting to receive since late October finally arrives on the 11th. Whether you got the job, were wait-listed at your reach school or an ex finally responds, no matter the outcome of the conservation, you can have some closure to this thread of your life. At the full moon on the 12th, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you board a literal or metaphorical flight for a spiritual getaway. Take some time to get cozy with your mind and get clear on your goals. Now’s not the time to let anyone else’s opinion influence your path. Listen to what’s helpful and let the rest go.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram, @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...