Your Weekly Horoscopes: May 5 to 11

This week the moon moves from chatty Gemini to brooding Cancer, forcing us to reflect on the things we…may or may not have meant to say aloud. Luckily, with communicative Mercury moving into steady Taurus on Monday, we’ll be able to recover from any faux pas with grace and dignity.

1 taurus

Even if you’ve been consistently getting enough sleep, your mental exhaustion may hold you back from being as social as you’d like. Though you may try to stay engaged, your eyes will glaze over, and your coffee will fail you. Don’t fight it—your mind is your body, too, after all. Better you fall asleep curled up with some early summer reading than mid-drink at a bistro with your loudest BFF.

2 gemini

It’s nearly impossible to be any kind of ambitious without feeling a little professional or social jealousy. Instead of judging yourself, try to investigate what specifically triggers envy and what does not. That could be the key to narrowing some of your goals, which will better help you achieve them anyway. Then you can thank your competition for helping you out!

3 cancer

The question of who you are without your partner can be a miserable one to answer. If you’re trying to “eat pray love” your way through a breakup or divorce, let yourself make some mistakes and be messy. You don’t have to emerge fully formed—it’s good enough that you emerge at all.

4 leo

You may kick and scream, but it’s possible you may have to work through your vacation if you had a chance to escape. Try to set some boundaries: say no to meetings where you can be briefed later; only answer emails between a set window of hours and—most importantly—unplug when you’re actually off. Your margarita misses you, too...

5 virgo

You may find yourself on one side of a battle with your kids—they want more playtime on the iPad, and you want them to take a bath and go to bed. Sometimes we deal with forces greater than ourselves, and sometimes we lose. Celebrate incremental progress, i.e., a partial shower and washed face before losing hope.

6 libra

You’re the sign of marriage, but that doesn’t make it any easier for you than for anyone else. Deep-seated issues may surface this week, and you may have to resist the urge to gloss past any difficult conversations that come up. Don’t ignore the little gnawing doubts—investigate them until they are dealt with. Your future selves will thank you.

7 scorpio

Keep your secrets close to the vest this week, because a sibling, a friend or a peer may not have your best interests at heart. If they are whispering venom about you into the ears of VIPs or others you care about, a defensive strategy will starve them of ammunition. You don’t have to hide forever, but cocooning yourself this week will better position you to re-emerge later this month.

8 sagittarius

Make sure you’re not spending exorbitantly on entertainment this week. Your money may follow your heart, which is normally a good thing to follow, but your heart has such expensive taste. Whether it’s lavish dates, decadent food or yet another structured blazer, you could definitely benefit from some impulse control. Maybe next week you won’t want the blazer (unlikely)!


If you’re feeling blah at home right now, try to focus on making a few functional improvements, like finally replacing that moldy shower curtain or investing in a more durable cutting board. You don’t need your place to be Joanna Gaines-ready to be therapeutic. That said, buying a $13 Joanna Gaines-approved candle might just be the ticket.

10 aquarius

Don’t get into arguments without doing your homework. Sure, it’s fun to show off your improvisational talents, and you are pretty persuasive on the fly. But if you get caught with some unresearched opinions, guess who is going to feel the worst about it? You.

11 pisces

Lending or borrowing money from friends is tricky business. Don’t just capriciously offer drinks on you, because all it takes is one or two hangers-on to make you regret it at the end of the month. You can be generous without being Santa.

12 aries

Standing up for your values is always hard and requires a deft touch (when possible), but Mercury’s move into Taurus will help you diplomatically communicate your case. Whether you’re crusading for equal pay or simply for your one uncle to stop interrupting your aunt, you will be heard if you speak up.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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