Your May 2019 Horoscopes

May opens on a lovely Taurus new moon on the 4th, coaxing us to indulge in anything that makes us feel luxe and fulfilled, whether that’s grabbing a green tea ice cream after lunch, playing games with our kids before work or reading actual, real books rather than our ex’s Instagram comments. This is not a time for ascetic self-denial—let yourself be a creature of comfort.

The full moon on the 18th is a blue moon (the kind that appears twice in one quarter, not one month), and it’s in Scorpio, the sign of letting go of toxic baggage. The myth of Scorpio revolves around death and rebirth, which can be a preferable order since it gets the tough stuff out of the way first. If we release some of the stress we’ve been holding in, we will feel so. Much. Better. That’s a promise from the moon.

Finally, on the 21st, Gemini season begins in a particularly twin-like fashion with both the sun and Mercury entering the sign on the same day. Spring is all about pollination, so expect a lot of stimulating conversations, hobnobbing and major flirting. Love is in the air, because with Gemini season, everything’s in the air!

1 taurus

It’s still your season a little longer, Taurus. The sun and the moon are hanging out together in your sign on the 4th, and you’re feeling a little innovative. Bold. Downright entrepreneurial. Whether it’s in a personal realm (going to trivia alone because your partner isn’t super into it) or business related (starting to actually charge for all the free advice you give on marketing to your colleagues), it’s all about what you can do that no one else can. Venus will join you in your sign (hey girl!), which will only help make sure what you begin now has legs for the long run.

On the 18th, the full moon may call into question some issue with your spouse. If you just got married, maybe the shift from dating to lawfully wed has been way more of a thing than you anticipated. Or perhaps one or both of you are feeling a seven-year itch and you don’t know how to scratch it. Don’t shrink away from open dialogue this full moon, Taurus (even if you really, really want to), because radical honesty is your path to steady waters.

2 gemini

It’s often difficult for Geminis to spend time alone—even the introverts among you. But clear your schedule on the 4th, because you will think and breathe with so much more clarity and ease if you just spend some time solo. It needn’t be boring—that’s anathema to a Gemini, we know. Just drag yourself to a sauna or a yoga class (one where you don’t already know everyone!), and hang out with just yourself. You’re definitely interesting enough. You may want to go back at least one more time around or after the 15th when Venus blesses your house of productive alone time.

The Scorpio blue moon on the 18th may force you to recognize, yep, you’re gluten-sensitive, or yep, you need to stretch a little in the morning, or yep, you’ve got to get those blue light glasses because you stare at your phone too much. It’s about shifting your habits to accommodate what you’ve long suspected about yourself but didn’t want to actually acknowledge. Once you do, though, you’ll be like, yep, I should have done this a long time ago.

3 cancer

Some folks get their energy from other people and some from being alone. On the 4th, consider cosplaying as an extrovert even if you don’t consider yourself one. If you’ve got a few friends on your phone who you’ve been meaning to catch up with, suggest killing eight birds with one stone and inviting them all to a brunch. It requires minimal planning and may spark new connections among your friends. And when everyone wants to meet up again (maybe around the 15th), you can totally take credit for it...

Cancer, you’re the sign of the mother, and if you’re a parent, it may feel as impossible as ever around the Scorpio full moon on the 18th. Switch up your tactics for keeping the lid on the tantrums, because this lunation will reward risk-taking and experimentation. You might feel trapped by an onslaught of stubbornness and subordination, but for them to stop revolting, you need to own the revolution in your own home.

4 leo

Early May is a very exciting time for your public profile. With the new moon on the 4th, you could climb a rung (or two!) on the corporate ladder, get married, nab a television show deal or just attract the eye of someone powerful who genuinely gets what’s great about you. The best part of such already-good news is, you get an extra boost of sparkle when Venus, goddess of love and bounty, joins your publicity team on the 15th. We know we don’t have to tell you twice to get out there and be seen, Leo!

But when it comes to the blue moon on the 18th, you might want to keep things intimate with a few friends or just close family. Everyone gets burned out with a spotlight on them (yes, even you), and you might want to use this energy to quietly appreciate and invest in the people closest to you in the place where you feel most safe and protected. A lion loves their pride, after all.

5 virgo

If you’re not traveling in May, Virgo, you may at least want to think about planning a trip. The new moon on the 4th is an ideal time for you to go somewhere gorgeous. You might want to skip the intense, all-day schedules of going to historical cities abroad in favor of something more picturesque and low maintenance that requires little more than a book and a drink in hand. And with support from Venus making its way into your travel sector on the 15th, there’s really no bad time to get away from it all.

Watch your tongue around the Scorpio full moon on the 18th. It’s not that you’ll say the wrong thing, but you might say the right thing in a shocking or blunt manner that may make it hard for other people to swallow your truth. If you’re sparring with siblings or friends, try to fold in their point of view to help build consensus for yours. It’ll be way easier to take in any potential criticisms (ahem, suggestions for improvement) if they feel listened to first.

6 libra

You may start to feel some harmony between what you want and what you have. This is one of the eternal tensions in anyone’s life, and the new moon on the 4th will give you some reprieve. If you’ve gotten the advice to be grateful for your lot, it may seem easier than usual to really take that one in, because look, you might have it pretty good right now. Jealousy, competition, comparisons—you’re able to shrug these off all month. Ironically, that will make everyone envious of you...

The Scorpio full moon on the 18th may help you settle a bill or finalize negotiations with an employer or an ex-spouse, which may be as surprising as they are relieving. If you were back-and-forth over something tiny, either of you might decide it’s not worth it and capitulate on that point. If it’s you, you likely won’t feel like you lost a tug-of-war or compromised yourself, but rather that you’ve moved on and shifted priorities. If your retention bonus is bigger than your year-end guarantee, what’s the difference anyway? And if that cedar cabinet meant more to your ex than to you, who cares? You’re tasting freedom right now, and that’s sweeter than anything.

7 scorpio

You’re all about partnership this month, and if you’re in a committed relationship, you two might take it to the next level. We’re talking anything from saying, “I love you,” for the first time, moving in, getting engaged or getting hitched! The new moon on the 4th plus Venus’s arrival all glowing and happy in your marriage sector on the 15th ensures that in May, you’ll feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself, which is an amazing feeling even if you skip the milestones.

On the 18th, the blue moon is in your sign, Scorpio, which means you may feel a little tug of independence vs. partnership. That may be because you just upped the stakes with your significant other per the new moon, but it also could be because you’ve got your own interests and projects to nurture, and that requires actually carving out time to do them. Celebrate (you can celebrate your own full moon!) by doing your absolute favorite thing to do alone. Whether that’s going to a museum (sometimes the art makes more sense when no one else is weighing in) or eating a salted caramel sundae with a very good book, treat yourself to…yourself!

8 sagittarius

You’re one of the most physical signs in the zodiac, Sagittarius, so you’re probably going to enjoy the new moon on the 4th more than anyone. Get your centaur self outside to roam, take in the fresh air (and yes, the pollen…) and just let yourself be in your body. If you have any fitness dreams (doing a five-minute plank or perfecting your crow pose), you’ll not only be helped by the sun and the moon, but by Venus, who joins the fray on the 15th. This is THE month to start a new regime and stick to it, not only for the results (which will be impressive) but for the mood boost (which will be massive).

This full moon on the 18th will call for some introspection and privacy. If you’re dealing with an issue (especially with co-workers), you may think the best course of action is to talk it out. But because you’re so intellectual and verbal, you tend to spill it all first and then sort through your word vomit later. This time, force yourself to contemplate the issue by yourself, and keep it close to the vest. It’s not about secrecy, but it’s about getting your own counsel (the most valuable, honestly) before letting anyone else shape the narrative.


This is an incredibly romantic, mushy, gooey time for you, Capricorn, so get in touch with your inner Romeo around the new moon on the 4th. If you’re in love and haven’t said it yet, SAY IT. It doesn’t have to be with words (perhaps your love language is more “acts of service” than “words of affirmation”), but the point is for you to express yourself. Don’t worry about protecting your heart (which is more tender than people give you credit for!) or appearing cool and casual. With Venus sliding into your love sector on the 15th, you’re a big lovey-dovey all month, and that’s just how it is!

The full moon on the 18th may push you to question some of the groups you belong to. Are you really doing a lot of networking in your networking organization? Do you feel connected to your congregation? Are the French classes even working? Peut-être non, Capricorn. Let yourself part ways if you feel the separation itch. Don’t mourn the opportunities you may be losing—just think of all the free time in your calendar for new ventures. The grass may indeed be greener.

10 aquarius

The progress you’ve made is NOT lost, Aquarius, even if you feel yourself backsliding into bad habits. The new moon on the 4th is like a fairy godmother coming to grant order where there is chaos. (Venus will add her pixie dust to this noble cause on the 15th as well.) It won’t be literal magic, but if you open yourself up to a few little improvements (for instance, finally fixing your air conditioning or getting a nice little row of succulents to line the windows), you’ll feel like queen of your castle.

Questions of career and what your Big Next Step will be have likely percolated for a while, Aquarius, and the blue moon on the 18th will bring a little much-needed clarity. If you’ve been rigid on any rules for yourself (for example, “I’m not the kind of person who does X…”), then you may want to reconsider all of them. Reconsider the profession itself. You’re in a place where, astrologically-speaking, you can pivot if you need to. Try not to start with the conclusion and look only at the individual pieces of the puzzle. It may add up to a very different picture than you had imagined.

11 pisces

If you’ve got writer’s block or are feeling tongue-tied with friends, you’ll find your words after the new moon on the 4th. It’s all about organizing your thoughts, so try a little mental Marie Kondo to help yourself focus on what you want to say and who you need to say it to. On the 15th, Venus will help you reiterate anything anyone might have missed the first time around.

If you haven’t traveled in a while, it’s a good time to take a trip around the blue moon on the 18th. While full moons can often bring stress (read: not ideal cosmic context for being in transit), this one is a wide-open invitation to head somewhere you’ve never been before. It doesn’t have to be as far as Kyoto or Melbourne as long as it’s new to you. If that’s the next town over, it’ll definitely be worth the gas money to get yourself in a brand-new environment and shake off the blahs of your current routine. It was more stale than you thought.

12 aries

Fortune favors the bold, Aries, and you are nothing if not bold. Your financial outlook is gold-plated this month, especially after the new moon on the 4th. If you’re looking for a job or have been offered an opportunity to make a little side dough, the rewards will definitely be worth the hustle. On the 15th, Venus, goddess of money, will also show up to make sure your wallet feels supported and loved.

The full moon in Scorpio on the 18th may help you release some financial stress. This could be connected to new revenue streams (see above, re: new moon), but it could also be a shift in your mind-set. Maybe what you thought you valued most (like the couch you and your ex fought over) is something you realize you don’t need and never did. And that could end up saving you a fortune’s worth of peace of mind (actually, a priceless commodity).

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