Your Weekly Horoscopes: May 3 to 9, 2020

This week, it’s best to lay low as sweet Venus is confronted by hazy Neptune on Sunday the 3rd. This aspect causes confusion and disorientation, especially around relationships and money. If something seems too good to be true—whether it’s a scratch-off or a crush—it probably is. Luckily on the 4th, communicative Mercury meets the sun, and we are in for a brief but brilliant breakthrough. On the 7th, there’s a full moon in Scorpio, where a deep-seated secret is revealed. It’s scary to be so open, but letting it all out will set you free.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

1 taurus

If a friend gives you terrible advice on the 3rd, you don’t need to take it. Thankfully on the 4th, with more information, you’re able to solve the problem yourself. Though this incident makes you feel like you don’t need anyone’s help ever again, the full moon on the 7th is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate—DM that artist about that stationary idea you had or invite your sister to polish mom’s silver together. Take on a challenge and do it together.

This week’s mantra: I am my own north star.

2 gemini

If you’ve been feeling like everything you say is falling on deaf ears, on the 3rd, a mini breakthrough on the 4th lifts you out of the slump as you realize your moment will come when it comes. Unfortunately, your zen vibes are interrupted at the full moon on the 7th when you have to untangle a bureaucratic mess. Whether it’s reapplying for unemployment or helping your daughter troubleshoot her homeschool finals, take it one step at a time.

This week’s mantra: One day at a time.

3 cancer

Things are feeling lighter this week. For the last year and half, you’ve been under pressure to prove yourself to someone, and it’s finally lifted. You’ve passed the test with flying colors. While the stress seems to dissipate overnight, we know it’s been a journey. Amazing work! Are you exhausted? At the full moon on the 7th, celebrate by letting your hair down and having some fun. Throw a dance party with your kids or paint your toe nails. It’s thrilling not to take yourself so seriously.

This week’s mantra: Light as a feather.

4 leo

You’ve always known that you’re a star, but this week you step into your star power. After getting an offer you can’t refuse on the 4th, you feel so much closer to hitting that elusive career milestone. Your achiever’s high runs out at the full moon on the 7th though, when something blows up in your home or family life. Skip the meeting, call your mom and remember that it’s just as important to thrive in privacy as it is to shine in the spotlight.

This week’s manta: Home is where the heart is.

5 virgo

Whether you’re finishing up grad school this month or have just been seriously upping your yoga game, take some time this week to appreciate all that you know. You thought you’d never master the material, but surprise! Now you’re an expert. At the full moon on the 7th, one of your skills—sewing buttons, painting flowers, speaking Japanese—comes in handy when your sister needs a favor. As you guide her through the task on Zoom, let the teacher in you come out to shine.

This week’s mantra: Knowledge is a journey.

6 libra

If you’re feeling particularly slothful at the top of the week, dear Libra, don’t fight it. Sure, your quarantine life does not move at your usual pace, but it’s OK to feel exhausted, nonetheless. A burst of energy arrives at the full moon on the 7th when you get some great news about your finances. Whether it’s your company’s small business PPP loans finally coming through or picking up a few more remote clients, the fiscal relief washes away the existential dread. You function better when you feel secure.

This week’s mantra: Peace is a state of mind.

7 scorpio

You’ve been waiting for a sign from the universe and on the 4th, it arrives in the form of a sweet note from a dear friend. Her words of confidence are just what you needed to hear. You’re on the right path. Despite this boost, you will still feel ultra-sensitive to the full moon in your sign on the 7th. It isn’t easy to be put on the spot but remember that you don’t need to have all the answers. So many people want to help so ask for it.

This week’s mantra: Help is in right under your nose.

8 sagittarius

You’re learning so much about yourself from leaning into your relationships. This week you’re especially in tune with the needs of others. Keep lending a helping hand. That said, the full moon on the 7th is a day for rest, relaxation and staying far away from social media. As you refrain from checking Instagram a thousand times a day, what are you doing to find stillness? What thoughts are consuming your mind? Build yourself a little cocoon, grab a warm beverage and simply sip and stare. (It’s a thing.)

This week’s mantra: Doing nothing is everything.


Are you feeling rejuvenated? A weight is lifted at the top of week when you finally feel like you can embrace your imperfections—that’s right, you look sexy without a dash of makeup on. This weeks’ full moon on the 7th would usually be a night where you would be schmoozing up a storm or playing hostess to a swarm of beloved guests. How can you create a raucous night out using only the tools you have? Why not dress up, prepare a decadent cheese plate and pump your favorite jams? Get wild from the comfort of your own home.

This week’s mantra: The party is where you are.

10 aquarius

If you’re feeling ungrounded as the week begins, call someone, anyone Though you love to remain aloof, your friends are literally lining up to volunteer a shoulder to cry on—virtually and socially distanced. Thankfully, you pull yourself together by the 7th when the full moon aligns with a huge moment for your career. You earned the recognition, so accept your accolade with grace. It’s OK if everyone sees how much you’re blushing.

This week’s mantra: Lean on somebody.

11 pisces

As the week begins, you keep having communication snafus with your boss or your nosey neighbor. You want to blame the situation on them, but it’s really you with the bad WiFi connection sending confusing emails. These hassles are forgotten at the full moon on the 7th when you finally achieve a major quarantine goal. Whether you level-up on your DuoLingo, successfully whip up a meringue or finally nail a crow pose, be proud and share your knowledge.

This week’s mantra: Pride is a virtue.

12 aries

Falling into the comparison trap can be avoided if you take a break from social media early in the week. It’s easy to decide that everyone’s having a better quarantine than you—learning more TikTok dances, baking fancier cookies, piecing together the coolest puzzles. But remember that everyone is just doing what they need to cope. At the full moon on the 7th, a financial risk you took last fall pays off. Whose life looks better now?

This week’s mantra: It’s apples and oranges.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...