Your Weekly Horoscopes: May 26 to June 1

Gemini season is all about loose lips, but this week features a tense aspect between Mercury (our tendency to babble) and Jupiter (our optimism that everything we say will be received well). That means we may have to temporarily suspend our “no ‘no comment’” policy until Monday...

2 gemini

Other people may be your bugaboo this week, and meanwhile you have work to get done. Normally you’re not one to blow off your BFFs, but Thursday is an excellent day to turn off your phone, light a candle and write—even if it’s just a to-do list.

3 cancer

Taking on so many obligations that you’re courting burnout? Your intentions may be golden, but you can’t volunteer to watch your niece and pick up soup for Grandma and counsel your brother on how to get out of his speeding ticket without eventually needing someone to help you. It’s OK to say no.

4 leo

The line between harmless gossip and violating someone’s confidence can be blurry, so you’ll want to err on the safe side. If you know you can’t withhold hot information from your friend Lucy, then reschedule your brunch until you’re feeling more buttoned up.

5 virgo

You might feel caught between your job and your significant other this week. The late nights are grueling, but you feel duty-bound to oblige every client request. Make it up to your partner (to whom you’ve sworn a different kind of duty) by taking an email-free weekend trip. That’s an easier job, for sure.

6 libra

Don’t hit send on that email yet, Libra. If you’ve composed a hot take, an impassioned plea or a scathing takedown, you might want to edit once more when you’ve cooled down. At the very least, you probably missed a comma.

7 scorpio

Make sure you loop in your partner when it comes to financial concerns. Secrecy about money can be a relationship-killer, and it doesn’t do you any favors to bear the burden of worry alone. Opening up may not be your M.O., but it’ll immediately lighten your load.

8 sagittarius

You’re a famously superb talker, but this week try to show your partner how much you care without a word. A few acts of service like taking out the trash or running to the Verizon store to get them a new charger may not sound romantic, but they are bliss when you’ve spared them an unsexy chore.


Your ambition is your signature, Capricorn, but your eyes may exceed your grasp this week. If you were planning to run a half marathon, you may only get to mile three. And that’s OK, because resting is a big part of your long game—or at least it should be.

10 aquarius

Doing chores because you’re procrastinating on other work isn’t quite the life hack you think it is—even if the lavender-fresh dishes do actually make you feel better. When you’re feeling that anxiety, try to meditate a little to relax your mind. The stakes won’t feel so high once you confront them.

11 pisces

You’ve been cooped up with your immediate family for too long, Pisces, and this week, it’s time to break out. Catch up with people you don’t get to see too often, like your a capella friends from college. Livening up your circle will make the sticky faces at home look a little more appealing...

12 aries

It’s never a good time to fib, Aries, but this is really not the week to do it. Even an innocent little fabrication (like faking a cough to excuse your tardiness at brunch) could result in a demand for receipts. And your pockets are empty.

1 taurus

If you are stressed about money (and who can blame you), try to soothe yourself with non-material pleasures. Go for a walk, bake a pie from scratch, spend a night with the family doing jigsaw puzzles. You’re (a little!) richer than you feel.

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