Your Weekly Horoscopes: March 29 to April 4, 2020

We may be stuck in our homes, but the cosmos are nonstop this week with two planetary shifts and two incredibly rare aspects to keep us on our socially distanced toes. On the 30th, agile Mars shifts into innovative Aquarius, and on the 31st, it meets fellow bad boy Saturn in the water bearer’s sign. The tension that has been building since February 16 peaks. Over the next six weeks, the pressure will slowly but surely release.

On the 3rd, love planet Venus enters curious Gemini, where her flirty, nerdy vibe remains throughout the rest of the spring and most of the summer. Venus makes a supportive trine to Saturn on the 4th, giving us all the “What do I have to lose?” energy we need to (virtually) pursue our crush. Finally, also on the 4th, buoyant Jupiter meets powerful Pluto in Capricorn, bringing an intense magnification to the matters at hand. This aspect is as hopeful as it is intense. It is solution-oriented and often comes with an epiphany. This aspect repeats two more times later this year, so what happens this week plants the seeds for the solution we need.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

12 aries

You’ve been carrying your coworkers’ stress on your shoulders since long before the era of working from home, but this week, whatever’s been brewing finally blows up on the 31st. Even when you’re working remotely, it’s so easy to be affected by everyone else’s mental state. Channel your nervous energy into organizing a fundraiser or just scheduling more time for virtual hangs with friends. The next six weeks are all about finding new ways to connect with your people.

This week’s mantra: Connect, connect, connect.

1 taurus

Frugality is the name of the game this week as Venus glides into Gemini and your financial sector. This influence makes you both hyper aware of your bank account balance and super eager to spend it all shopping online. On the 4th, sit yourself down and set some ground rules about your allowance. Make an elaborate meal plan for the week using only the items you’ve hoarded in your pantry. Getting back into some kind of spiritual practice is necessary for the next stage of your journey.

This week’s mantra: Use what you have.

2 gemini

On the 3rd, love planet Venus enters your sign, ushering in a new era for your appearance and sense of self. Of course, no one but your roommates is seeing you IRL, but at least your lipstick looks good for your Zoom meetings…or dates. The combined stress of looming bills and the bureaucratic hoops you must jump through to cancel your upcoming vacation is really getting you down. To ease your pain, dress up and take all the compliments you can get.

This week’s mantra: Dress up like no one’s watching.

3 cancer

This week, you must confront a skeleton in the closet. Whether you get a weird text from an ex or find the remnants of a failed art project while organizing your desk, the 31st arrives with a subtle yet painful reminder. Harping on the past doesn’t seem as delicious this time around though. You’re feeling more hopeful for what’s to come. As you close the door to a toxic situation on the 4th, you can celebrate how much space you have in your heart for what remains.

This week’s mantra: You’ve got this.

4 leo

Getting through the day still feels overwhelming this week. Every little task—even from your pajamas—feels like a chore. And for some reason, your partner is not giving you the support you need. A blowout fight on the 31st is actually the catharthis from this chaos you need. From here, things can slowly get sweeter. On the 4th, something that would greatly improve your quality of life—those noise-canceling headphones, a Roomba, that essential-oil diffuser—goes on sale. Please buy it.

This week’s manta: What are you waiting for?

5 virgo

A workout a day keeps your inner demons at bay. As Mars enters Aquarius on the 31st and remains there for the next six weeks, it is crucial for you to keep up your fitness routines (and perhaps innovate some new ones while you’re cooped up at home). Get your sweat on. On the 4th, you are overwhelmed with compliments from coworkers, your kids and your partner alike. It seems you’re the best part of everyone’s day! Don’t question your sudden popularity– just go with it.

This week’s mantra: Let them adore you.

6 libra

You spent all of last year stuck in an uncomfortable living situation and feeling uninspired. Now the rest of the world is on your level, hunkering down and giving up simple pleasures. Maybe what’s been bothering you isn’t so bad after all, or maybe you just needed to see it from a different perspective. To distract yourself from this week’s more serious matters, get lost in a good book or an intellectual flirtation. Things feel lighter after the 4th.

This week’s mantra: It’s about to get better.

7 scorpio

Are you cleaning your home? We’ve been warning you for weeks about this. You have until the 31st to at least break ground and make some progress. Throw all those clothes you never wear into a bag, whittle down the condiments in the fridge and build that nightstand from IKEA that’s been sitting in the box for two years. Your friends can’t help you this time, but on the 4th, your BFF sends your favorite takeout to celebrate the completion of phase one.

This week’s mantra: Just start.

8 sagittarius

This week of social distance turns out to be uniquely romantic for you, Sagittarius. Love planet Venus enters your committed relationships sector on the 3rd, so take it as a good sign if your conversation with that guy from Hinge is going surprisingly well. Your finances are also on your mind this week (when aren’t they?). Really think about whether something you splurged on recently was a worthwhile investment; by the 4th, you’ll know for sure if it’s for keeps.

This week’s mantra: Go with the (flirtatious) flow.


You’ve been worried about a situation at work since February 16, and on the 31st, it all comes to a head. Whatever the fallout is, it affects your personal security and finances. The situation won’t drag on any longer, but the results could be heartbreaking. Find solace this week in your routines. How can you detangle your self-worth from your productivity? Get what you need by making healthy choices.

This week’s mantra: It’s OK to be unproductive.

10 aquarius

With tough-guy planets Saturn and Mars meeting up in your sign this week, you are most likely feeling the pressure mentally, physically and emotionally. Stay calm, be kind to yourself and take lots of warm baths. After all the work you’ve done over the past few years, there are still new ways to innovate how you let go and relax. On the evening of the 3rd, make your evening at home special by taking yourself on a date. Have your favorite wine delivered and enjoy a classic film on the couch.

This week’s mantra: Take it easy.

11 pisces

On the 3rd, things begin to feel warmer and cozier at home. You’re rearranging the bookshelf again, but this time you’re moving it behind the couch so you can lounge while you browse. Don’t let a DIY project distract you from the real task at hand, though, which is staying in touch with the people who really matter right now. You’re usually perfectly happy to exist in your own dream world, but let others meet you there.

This week’s mantra: Come up for air.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram, @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...