How to Work from Home (and Thrive) Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Some of us—Tauruses, we’re looking at you—work better when we keep those sweatpants on all day. Some of us (cough, cough, Sagittarius) thrive in a little bit of chaos! While others—hi, Aries—need an active yet consistent routine. This is a guide to help each zodiac sign find their flow as we figure out how best to work from home.

But first, a quick note for all the signs: Remember that these are unprecedented and confusing times. It’s OK to perform at a new pace in your new environment. Try not to be too hard on yourself. No one’s getting an award for Most Productivity During the Pandemic. Well, except maybe Capricorns.

12 aries

Your top priority when working from home is feeling comfortable. And though it’s a good idea to change into something at the top of the day, it’s OK if you’re switching from your pj’s to your business pajamas. Your workspace should have a cozy vibe as well, so put a nice cushion on your chair, decorate your desk or table with a houseplant or two and make sure healthy snacks are always within reach. If you feel like it, bring your laptop to the couch sometimes—being comfortable doesn’t mean you’re not being productive. As far as your routine, you do best when you have a specific plan for the day. Write out your to-do list the night before and then, each morning, identify top priorities before getting started. Since you likely have excess energy to burn, you want to start your morning with an online fitness class or a (socially distanced) run. Try winding down with yoga or meditation when you’re finished for the day.

1 taurus

It’s no secret that you love to snack, Taurus. Now that you’re working from home and have access to that ready-for-the-apocalypse stocked pantry and fridge, things might be getting a little out of hand. If you feel like you’ve eaten your feelings enough and want prioritize long-term health, try to start cooking early (and often!) by roasting some vegetables while you have your morning coffee. This moves along your dinner prep and leaves you with something healthy and salty (not those Tostitos!) to snack on during the day. As far as work flow, you get things done best in relation to others. So even if your job requires you to be mostly solitary, try sitting with your roommate or your partner or FaceTime-ing with a friend while working separately. Check in with each other’s progress at regular intervals throughout the day.

2 gemini

You’re known for being the office gossip, so while your colleagues may imagine you swimming in chaos without your usual social stimulation (check on your extroverts, everyone!), what many don’t know is that you take great pride in keeping things orderly and functional at home. Your home workspace might be the neatest in all the zodiac, and you’re most likely using some of your spare time to finesse your cooking skills and do home-improvement projects—while FaceTime-ing with friends, of course! As far as routine, you should keep your schedule regular and focused. Block out specific times for exercise and meals around your most productive work hours—you do better with a couple marathons rather than many sprints. Be sure to build in lots of time just to chill both before and after you work.

3 cancer

You’re the homebody of the zodiac, so working in your house should theoretically be your power time. But working from home is different from simply being at home all the time. If you’re cooped up with your partner or kids or roommates or parents, make sure you have a dedicated space away from the rest of the activity to focus. You also may want to get dressed up—or at least do some fun makeup!—to get yourself into office mode. Routine-wise, you actually prefer to leave things a bit more flexible, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to master a “quarantine schedule.” Be sure to leave plenty of space to use your breaks for playtime with the kids, FaceTimes with family and finally digging into whatever thousand-page novel you never thought you’d have time to read.

4 leo

You are more particular than most about how your space should be set up, so working from home provides the unique challenge of getting things just right. Keeping a consistent workspace with everything you need available at your fingertips is key, and you should hunker down in an area in your house where you can shut the door to outside interference. As far as schedule, make sure you go into each day with a plan not only for the day but for the week ahead. It’s important for you to focus on the larger goal rather than the smaller tasks. You do well when you fully take on the role of your own boss (even if you have a real boss working from her own house). Give yourself rewards when you get stuff done. Bake cookies! Relax with your facial steamer! Take a break with an episode of trashy TV!

5 virgo

Though you’re known for being very on top of things (and lovingly nitpicky!) at the office, your vibe is much more relaxed when you work from home. You get restless when you don’t have enough stimulation, so you might want to spread your work out on the kitchen table or sit out on the deck or balcony. Try some new recipes or hobbies while you’re in between projects or waiting for that Zoom meeting to start. You thrive when you’re innovating, so schedule virtual happy hours to brainstorm with coworkers and keep things fresh by trying new platforms for meetings. Check in with coworkers or friends when you’re feeling unmotivated about where you’re at during the day. Other people—even long distance—are your ultimate motivation.

6 libra

Beauty is everything to you, Libra. But what’s most important for keeping your sanity while working from home is keeping a tidy workspace. Even if you live in a tiny apartment, designating an area for work only is critical. You may also want to start and end the day with a ritual like sweeping the floors, diffusing essential oils or lighting a candle each morning and blowing it out when you’re finished with your tasks. As far as your schedule, you tend to need more freedom in how your days are structured, so try to make every day a little different and leave space in your routine for at least one surprise per day. Listening to calming music that you love or taking breaks to look at art also help your flow.

7 scorpio

You’re naturally a very private person, so in many ways working from home is a blessing for you. You like to keep your space traditional (with a touch of funkiness!), and your main concern might be how working from home is going to throw off the rest of your domestic vibe. What performs best for you is making your workspace portable. Make sure all of your materials can be put away out of sight at the end of the workday. As far as routine, you like to come at each day with a lot of energy, so get started early and build in some breaks to exercise (even if it’s just a quick jog around the block). You like to get things done in one big burst rather than several shorter ones, so don’t force a second wind if it isn’t coming. Know when it’s time to unwind.

8 sagittarius

To you, home is an escape, so it might feel jarring to suddenly be tethered to a safe space where you need to be productive now. You’re pretty laid back in the house and don’t always tidy up right away, but to keep things more consistent, it might be good to get into the habit of cleaning up—at least your workspace—at the beginning and end of each day. As long as it’s orderly, your workspace can take on any shape that you need. Routine-wise, you work better when you prioritize your creature comforts, so structure your day around taking care of yourself. Schedule your snacks or reading breaks as a given rather than to reward productivity. As long as you are comfortable, the work will flow.


As a natural born leader—aka the workaholic of the zodiac—working from home can be a challenge for you. If you meet all your goals and no one sees it, did you even get anything done at all? You feel more comfortable when you’re really at work, and your house might be a space where you feel less in your element. Try setting some personal goals. Maybe it’s 20 minutes of DuoLingo, perfectly baked cookies or a new streaming boxing class in addition to your work tasks each day. To avoid burnout, don’t push yourself beyond your initial to-do list once you’ve finished every task. You like to have your hands in everything and get easily distracted, so make sure you always have a few projects you can bounce between.

10 aquarius

Though your coworkers usually see your more intense side, you are much more of a softy when you’re at home. Having a dedicated yet cozy workspace, as well as a rejuvenating morning and evening routine, should be your first priority. After you make your coffee, let yourself just sip and stare out the window. Schedule a daily meditation to keep focused (there are lots of practices doing free live streams, like CH/LL). As far as your workflow, you should follow your intuition. Don’t be too rigid about the structure of your day. If you’d rather do a bunch of work in the early morning hours and then take a break until well after lunch, do that. You know what makes sense for you, so don’t follow anyone else’s instructions. Filling your downtime with household projects, caring for pets and doing favors for friends adds ease to your day.

11 pisces

Your home is a place where you luxuriate in all of your dreamy curiosities. You want to make sure that when you’re working from home, you don’t get your business too tangled up with your pleasures. Keep your workspace open and flowing (and work around roommates, your kids or your partner if you live with them), but make sure there’s a physical boundary so your brain knows when you’re stepping in and when you’re stepping out. To avoid helping everyone else and not getting your own work done, you should stick to a regular schedule that you can evaluate each day and revise as necessary. Giving others encouragement throughout the day boosts your mood, so don’t hesitate to call a friend or coworker—on a break, of course!— to let them know they’re doing a great job.

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