Your Weekly Horoscopes: June 30 to July 6, 2019

It is so difficult to let things go, but it is more difficult to let things in.

Welcome to Eclipse Season! Mars finally leaves “Summertime Sadness” Cancer for “I Don’t Care (I Love It)” Leo on the 1st, and suddenly we can do it all without too many tears. But—alas—we cannot escape vulnerability. A total solar eclipse in Cancer  on the 2nd, followed by Venus gliding into the sign of the crab on the 3rd, invites us to accept the emotional depths of the unknown. It’s OK to get comfortable there. Seriously. Take a seat and relax.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

2 gemini

The only thing blocking you from getting that raise, or those gorgeous wedge sandals, or a brand-new duvet cover You can get those special things when you admit that you deserve them. This week’s eclipse finds you accepting that you’re actually worth more than your Tevas (though they are very comfortable—get a second pair). You’ll be drawn to ride your bike all over town so look fly while you do it. Treat yourself right.

3 cancer

It has been extremely necessary for you to show up for everyone else (for the last forever), so let this week be about you. Splurge on all of the funky beauty products you’ve always wanted to try, start oil pulling, face your fears and go to the hard Pilates class. No one’s judging your experience of time; let that be both a comfort and a breakthrough. Grow into your own pace as you enjoy every minute of that hot bath you take after challenging yourself.

4 leo

This week, you desperately want to dye your hair, get an outrageous manicure and sit in the front row at yoga. You have a lot of ideas, and you’re ready to start a YouTube channel. But what you must actually do is unplug, hydrate and get lots of sleep. Thrive away from the spotlight. Delete Instagram from your phone for a week (we know, crazy!) and explore how you participate in your own life when no one’s watching.

5 virgo

Caught up with T-ball practice, assignments due or even just the latest season of The Real Housewives of New York and you actually kinda forgot that you have so many friends. You’ve let many invitations come and go with no RSVP. Your sleep may be disrupted as Mars shifts into your 12th house of rest, so you’ll still have late nights to pack lunches or finish up work from home. Take this as a sign! Attend every event—the gallery, the baby shower and the town hall. You are part of a beautiful community, and all you need to do is participate.

6 libra

Though it has been easier to focus on family drama or the kitchen renovation or what you truly believe is a ghost hanging around your armoire, this week marks a major shift in your professional life. You are leveling up. Mark this occasion by doing what you love with the people who helped you realize your dreams. Now that you’re the boss, everyone wants to be your BFF, so make sure you’re only giving your energy to the corporeal and not the spirit of your to-do list haunting you.

7 scorpio

Things are shifting at work, so it makes sense that you’ve been focused on the details. Your meal prep has become a science. But have you tried any new restaurants lately? You can no longer ignore what you feel called to explore. It is the right decision to board the plane or put down a deposit for the 14-day meditation retreat. Even if it feels sudden, you’ve wanted this for a long time.

8 sagittarius

You have really been pinching pennies this year. Though you are usually in the passenger seat for any random adventure and/or expenditure, you have a big goal in mind, and you have forgotten life before frugality. Take a moment this week to reflect on the power of investment. Don’t just accept a loan from a friend but ask them to collaborate, to join you on your journey—we see a drop-in Oaxacan vacation in your future. Remember: Our world expands as we share it.


If you are in a serious relationship—romantic, creative or otherwise—this week is more about them than it is about you. Everyone knows you take things very seriously, but how dedicated are you when it’s not your turn? Chart the course with generosity. YOU aren’t running the marathon, but you are the trainer. You are the endless hug at the finish line. You are the celebratory bowl of pasta waiting at home. It feels good to be needed.

10 aquarius

Suddenly, you have a ton of new responsibilities at work, or your partner’s shifting schedule leaves you taking on most of the shared life admin. It might feel better than you expect to just work. If you are questioning what really matters or caught in a comparison trap, there will be no greater salve than doing the chores and washing the dinner plates. Though service can be thankless, the world needs you nurturing it.

11 pisces

What is your joy? You’ve had to let go of important relationships, and as you build a more grounded support system, you must leave space to have fun and to get down with your freaky self. When you let go (and maybe finally dye your hair purple), you'll realize you actually enjoy the dating apps. Let someone else pay for the tasting menu. Join the recreational soccer team with your coworkers, and remember that when you actually let yourself play, you are letting yourself win. Let that metaphor seep into all aspects of your life—from the intramural soccer field to your Tinder forays. 

12 aries

You have been working overtime, hustling for an impossible dream, slowly but surely building your career. Remember that your home is your sanctuary. Spend time this week appreciating the splendor of your couch. Make a meal with your kids (maybe some Mediterranean pita pizzas, perchance?) and invite the whole family over to enjoy. Your creativity gets a major boost this week so use the inspiration to spruce up your living space (your kids will somehow know the perfect color to paint the walls).

1 taurus

It is amazing to be in Paris: enjoying a crusty baguette and salty butter, reading Simone de Beauvoir, wind in your hair. It is equally incredible to visit that old-school diner in your hometown. This week’s eclipse is an opportunity to reconnect with what you know best. You may find yourself running your community garden or starting a business with your childhood best friend. Though your physical home may be moving, your real community will remain. So dig into your surroundings.



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