Your Weekly Horoscopes: January 6 to 12

The emotional Wolf Moon lunar eclipse is still a ways away (prepare thy tissues and calming herbal teas), but this week on the 6th, Uranus, the planet of no-spoiler surprises, will go direct after a retrograde tour that began in August. Any weirdness or sudden changes in your life are back up for debate now (like that buzzy new haircut growing out a little less elegantly than you hoped you for). And with this planet finally moving forward, you’ll know what will stick and what was just a Uranian phase.


If you want to take this week to reacquaint yourself with your cherished routines of productivity, no one will mind. Use this week to be selfish in the best way—with water, exercise, sleep and getting at least one item off your plate ahead of its deadline. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor, and if in the future you could travel back and high-five yourself, you would.

10 aquarius

You could meet someone very appealing this week, so find time to pull yourself away from whatever hobby is consuming all your attention and go hang out with people IRL. The fact that you maintain so many varied interests is exactly what makes you such good company, so enjoy the attention you receive for just being you.

11 pisces

Take some career risks this week, Pisces. Raise your hand for projects you don’t know if you’re qualified for (you are), and schmooze with VIPs who intimidate you. Your chances of impressing someone are high, and any opportunities you seize this week could impact your career path over the long term. That’s not to psych you out, Pisces, but to psych you up! All you have to do is be your charming self.

12 aries

Now that everyone’s back and settled in their routine, of course you feel like taking a trip somewhere far away. If you’re in a cold climate this time of year, palm trees are looking mighty tempting. If it’s hot where you are, maybe you’re craving a hygge scene with snowy slopes to cruise. The grass (or the snow) is always greener (or snowier)...

1 taurus

An excellent week for you to focus on money. The holidays are finally over, giving you the space and freedom to take a monocle to your line items. You might be tempted to freak out, but remember that past spending is not indicative of future spending, i.e., this is a month you’ll end in the black.

2 gemini

Whether you’re married, dating or about to meet your soulmate (you truly might), your love life is about to get all of your attention. Woo your significant other with a thoughtful gift or a long massage (whatever their love language may be), and just enjoy each other’s company. One note of caution: be tasteful, not gushy on social media. People will roll their eyes, even if they don’t tell you about it.

3 cancer

If you’ve been itching for a change of pace at work, you may get your wish. Whether you’ve been put on an account that dovetails with your passions or you’re finally on a team you click with, this development is likely to benefit you. You’ve been incubating a lot of good ideas, and now you’re in a position to put them into action. And to advocate for your own well-deserved raise...

4 leo

If you had plans to travel, they might get delayed or derailed. If you thought you were staying put, you may suddenly end up having to fly to San Francisco with a layover in Chicago. Your status quo will be disrupted somehow, and it will be a pain. But if you’re patient, and you soothe yourself with airport snacks, you may end up somewhere fabulous.

5 virgo

The homestead is where your heart’s at this week, Virgo. If you’ve been renovating or tackling home improvement projects this winter, you’ll start to see some significant progress that palpably lifts your mood. Whether you finally painted the bathroom walls (because one update can go a loooong way) or simply found a candle that smells like hot laundry, you’re starting to love your place in a new way.

6 libra

If you’ve been in a marital rut, you may be shaken out of it this week. The cause could be anything—moving, changing jobs, a secret you spill, pregnancy, a new shared hobby—but it will mark a new chapter in your relationship. It only sounds scary, Libra, but really, it’s your ticket out of a stagnant dynamic. Not only will you both adapt to this new atmosphere—you’ll breathe a lot more easily.

7 scorpio

If you’ve been angling for a raise or interviewing for a more lucrative position, your request may be granted this week. Your day-to-day workflow may change (and in ways you won’t be able to predict), but the upshot is more cash in your wallet. That should soothe any growing pains you feel about adjusting to a new routine...

8 sagittarius

You’re kind of a star this week, Sagittarius—more than usual, that is. Seriously, you’ve got a bounce in your step and color in your cheeks, and you’ll probably turn more than one head. If you’re in a relationship, your significant other might want to get a little more serious—who could resist trying to lock you down? Enjoy the wave of attention, and don’t worry, it’ll last all month.

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