Your Weekly Horoscopes: January 20 to 26

The dawn of Aquarius season is here. But it’s being upstaged by the Wolf-Moon-lunar-eclipse-blood-moon-supermoon—which, yeah, sounds like it got married, divorced and remarried to other scary moons and kept every name.

Seriously, though: This full moon peaking late on the 20th is a lot. It’s the last in a series of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius (remember the blood moon of July 27th?), and it will bring resolution to issues that have brewed for the past six months. It’s also a blood moon, meaning it’s a total lunar eclipse—so you’ll see that beautiful-yet-foreboding reddish tint. And it’s a supermoon, meaning it’s at its closest point to the earth in its orbit. In summary: This is going to be one intense lunation.

Silver lining? It will be pretty! 

12 aries

You’re a social butterfly with everyone except your most committed partner (business or marriage). Prepare ye that the Wolf Moon on the 20th may provoke some latent, simmering issues with your spouse. Whatever you were struggling with in late July will reemerge. But if you make it through, this was your last test for a long time. Clink glasses on the 25th to celebrate.

1 taurus

Home will not exactly be where your heart is when the Wolf Moon strikes. Your inner sanctum might feel in disarray; it’s basically the opposite of hygge. If you can sneak away on a short trip or be late at the office, this is the time to suddenly become a workaholic. Worst case scenario: You actually get a lot done.

2 gemini

For you, the Wolf Moon may leave you tongue-tied, misunderstood, mad at your friends or late to work! It’s quite a stressful time, and you may be in your head thinking, Pick your battles, pick your battles. But sometimes the battle picks you. Lean on a friend or a partner—whoever is not provoking your anger—and vent some of your frustrations. Better yet, warn them in advance that you might need a shoulder to cry spew your wrath on.

3 cancer

This Wolf Moon may see you dividing assets with an ex (um, who gets Sparky?), or just having it out with someone who might soon become your ex. You’ll feel like you’re losing something crucial to your identity (even if that’s not true), and it may be very lonely and isolating. Woof. Replay the events from last July’s blood moon for a clue as to how this will play out. The good news is that you’ll feel more catharsis than wounding when it’s all over, because this time, you’ll really be done.

4 leo

The Wolf Moon is howling in your sign, Leo, so take extra care of your body and mind. You’ll definitely feel this one like a crack of lightning, and it may affect your marriage, if you’re in one. You may feel betrayed and alienated, needing space to work through this one alone. Dramatic exits will be inevitable. But by the 25th, you may feel back to your normal (also dramatic) self.

5 virgo

This isn’t the week to skip therapy or the gym, as you’ll want to prioritize health (in all its forms) above all. The only person you need to listen to during the Wolf Moon is yourself. So if you suspect anyone in your immediate circle is taking you for granted this week, take a break from them. You don’t have to cut people out Housewives-style, but treat your boundaries like any other part of your life that needs attention and care, because they do.

6 libra

Tiptoe over the eggshells of friend drama, Libra. This Wolf Moon may suck you into a balletic dance of testy emotions and carefully chosen digs and barbs. You may not be able to escape through charm alone, so use this week to connect with anyone else—your family, your partner, pay your grandmother a visit. They all miss you anyway.

7 scorpio

The Wolf Moon may challenge you on the career front. If you’ve been working toward a particular goal (a promotion, a new client, a better team), you may feel irrevocably set back. This is doubly true if it’s something ongoing since last summer—and think back to the blood moon of July 27th for clues. But all is not lost; this is but one chapter closed. You’ll be onto your next challenge by Friday.

8 sagittarius

You’re the sign of wanderlust, Sagittarius, but if you have any trips planned, do yourself a favor and postpone. This Wolf Moon is threatening to make any travel a logistical nightmare—especially if you’ve got a spouse or business partner in tow. Hide out at home until the rest of the world gets its act together.


This week may be a frustrating one if you’ve got any financial loose ends you were hoping to tie up. Whether it’s an insurance payment, a freelance check not clearing or your partner not getting the raise they hoped for, the Wolf Moon may make you feel like shaking your fists at the universe. Channel this energy into a boxing class and then resume strategizing on Friday.

10 aquarius

It’s your season on the 20th, but the Wolf Moon that evening threatens your most committed partnerships. This is the last in a series of eclipses that affected you intimately; so go back to the blood moon of July 27th for clues on how to navigate this one. Even if your marriage or your business arrangement dissolves, you are harder, better, stronger this time around. You may be surprised at how light you feel on the 22nd.

11 pisces

The Wolf Moon may bring you some ups and downs career-wise. If you were hoping to be on a straight, upward trajectory, the Wolf Moon may remind you that it’s two steps forward, one step back. Patience is the key through this one, Pisces, and although you know you deserve the moon and the stars, you may have to settle for just the stars right now. The moon will come around; don’t worry.

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