Your Weekly Horoscopes: January 13 to 19

This week is a showdown between our wild imagination versus practical considerations—and we've got to let our realistic selves win. That doesn't mean we need to shut down our dreams and auto-reply, “Can’t be done, sorry!” to every proposal we hear. It just means we have to contemplate the “how” alongside the “what.” Then we won't be left wondering “why” we even tried.

12 aries1

As much as you want to focus on yourself and your achievements, you may be tempted to compare yourself with others. Just because Dina’s downward dogs are perfect while yours need multiple adjustments in class doesn’t mean you actually want to trade lives. Text your significant other or most enthusiastic BFF for a quick pep talk. Then return the compliments. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Weekly to-do: Convert any humblebrags to regular brags and own your shine.

1 taurus

Energy is just another limited resource to manage, Taurus. You want to say yes to everything (book club on Tuesday, podcast on Wednesday, drinks with former co-workers on Friday…), but you need to prioritize or you will crash before Wednesday. You actually can do everything you want—just not all at once. You can start your second podcast next quarter.

Weekly to-do: Get eight full hours of sleep every single night this week.

2 gemini

When you’re feeling social but don’t have the funds for consecutive all-nighters with friends, don’t budge on your budget. Engage your creativity and think of some no-money ways to spend time together—walks in the park, free museums, movie nights. You might need to sell it a little, but if you’re into it, your BFFs will be, too.

Weekly to-do: Get up to speed on some personal finance tips for this year or schedule a call with your financial advisor if you have one.

3 cancer1

If an unexpected career opportunity comes your way, make sure to loop in your spouse, roommate or whomever you share a home with. It’s not that you need permission, but treating each other like the teammates you are will go a long way toward keeping things peaceful at home—even as they are changing at the office. The more invested they feel in your career, the more you will feel to spread your wings.

Weekly to-do: Team up for a night in: Update each other while you whip up dinner (er, order Thai food) before catching the premiere of Roswell, New Mexico on January 15 at 9/8c on The CW.

4 leo

If you’re taking a trip for any reason this week, you might find the journey a little less “elegant getaway” and a little more “Griswolds at the airport.” All the preparation and 3-ounce bottles of conditioner won’t save you from delays or extra-long security lines, but an optimistic attitude will. Lean into the chaos and remember that it’s all part of the journey.

Weekly to-do: Limit yourself to one in-flight Pinot Grigio. Trust that the universe is abundant and there will be more when you land.

5 virgo1

If you’re struggling to feel sparks with your significant other this week, try changing the scenery a little. Are you two grabbing Shake Shack together consecutive nights? Just because you love a great cheeseburger doesn’t mean the monotony isn’t unconsciously getting to both of you. Even if you both feel like doing the same old thing, stretch yourself and make a homemade paella together instead.

Weekly to-do: Compliment your significant other (or someone you love) out of the blue. It’ll surprise you both.

6 libra1

Your partner or roommate may be on your last nerve this week, which can seriously interfere with your hygge ambitions. Your new fireplace-scented candle and fleece throw are no match for toenail clipping right in front of you on the couch. Be honest about what bugs you, but proactively suggest doing something together to cut the tension. It’ll also distract them from their annoying habits.

Weekly to-do: Since you’re feeling domestic, pick activities you can do together around the house. Sing along to a playlist while getting a few chores done and watch the premiere of Roswell, New Mexico on January 15 at 9/8c on The CW.

7 scorpio

You might feel a little caged in at work, as the million-and-one mundane tasks on your plate are keeping you from the project you really want to work on. Take a deep breath and prepare to make a few compromises…for now. But don’t forget to put some time on your boss’s calendar to talk about what you want. You can’t contribute your full potential if you’re buried in paperwork!

Weekly to-do: If you can, take a half-day or play hooky once this week to remind you what life is outside the office. It’s nice!

8 sagittarius

Watch out for a little romantic turbulence around the 18th, especially around money. What you may think deserves an eye roll and a quip may be taken instead as a declaration of war. It doesn’t mean you have to abandon your point, but take your significant other seriously while you do. Approach your case like a lawyer (get your evidence together and follow agreed upon protocols), and you may win them over.

Weekly to-do: Forgo eating out at least one day this week (including the Starbucks run) in favor of a cooked meal and home-brewed java.


Sometimes life gets in the way of an expertly crafted routine, Capricorn. And by “life,” we mean surprise assignments from your boss and your kid’s persistent cold. Usually you’re the master at wrangling life’s little uncertainties with the power of sticking to schedule, but the universe will laugh at your plans if you exert too much control. It’s all about letting go (a little!).

Weekly to-do: You can’t get everything done this week, so just pick one, and—gulp—say no to the rest.

10 aquarius

Embrace your social butterfly this week and say yes to collaborations. If your BFF randomly suggests a cooking class or sketching workshop, don’t worry about whether or not you have the talent, because who cares? If you set aside expectations, you’ll surprise yourself with something pretty good, if not—dare we say?—great.

Weekly to-do: Get on top of that inbox and respond to anyone you’ve been fretting about emailing back.

11 pisces

You’re not wasting words this week, Pisces. When you need something done, whether it’s a PowerPoint for work or for your youngest kid to get started on their PowerPoint for history class, if you say it once, you will be heard. It’s good to be the boss, and regardless of your actual role, people will defer to your superior judgment. The reins are yours if you take them.

Weekly to-do: Tackle your most annoying errands first to give your weekend self a break.

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