Your Weekly Horoscopes February 21 to 27, 2021

Yes, Valentine’s Day has come and gone but astrologically speaking, this week is when things get super romantic. On the 25th, Venus moves into Pisces, where the planet of love and connection acts like she’s vacationing at a luxury resort. This transit is one for indulging guilt-free. Then on the 27th, there’s a full moon in practical earth sign Virgo. Though Virgo and Pisces are opposites—and Virgo’s detail-oriented nature often clashes with Pisces go with the flow attitude—both signs ultimately want to be of service. This is an opportunity to lighten up and stop being so hard on ourselves. We all need a little sweetness as we grow.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

11 pisces

With Mercury no longer retrograde and Venus entering your sign on the 25th, take advantage of this feel-good cosmic energy and get yourself a haircut. Venus only spends a few weeks in your sign each year, so now’s the time to upgrade your wardrobe, splurge on skincare and go platinum blonde! Why not? Then the full moon on the 27th brings an unexpected resolution to an on-again off-again romance. You might be pleasantly surprised by the flattery coming your way.

This week’s mantra: Fall in love with yourself.

12 aries

Though your M.O. is about winning, the full moon on the 27th is about owning your mistakes. Are you mindful of screen time? Caught up on your reading challenge? Getting enough sleep? If you’re not—and let’s be real, who’s on top of self-care during a pandemic?—this is your yearly opportunity to reset your habits. It’s not just your kids who need to get a sticker every time they remember to floss. Start rewarding yourself for getting through the day.

This week’s mantra: Practice humility.

1 taurus

Everyone keeps telling you that you should be happy. You have a lovely home, your career is taking off, those new ASOS boots are flawless; but you can’t help but feel so alone. Are you ever going to find love? The full moon on the 27th falls in your romance sector, which means it’s time to take the plunge back into the apps. Though you usually struggle to read a potential match’s energy from photos alone, this week you might be surprised by who blows you away with a straight-forward DM.

This week’s mantra: Take your happiness into your own hands.

2 gemini

You’ve been a workaholic lately and TBH, you’re pushing yourself harder than anyone needs to be pushed during a pandemic. Let this week’s full moon on the 27th be a reminder of what you really need. Taking a few days off from work to hang with your kids, clean up the house and have a long catch up with your mom isn’t going to affect your career goals. In fact, your coworkers might comment on how refreshed you are when you get back to work next week.

This week’s mantra: Inner peace is everything.

3 cancer

Caught up in some big existential questions lately, you’ve been avoiding what’s going on right in front of you. Like those constant emails, texts and phone calls from your sisters. One’s going through a breakup and the other is planning an extravagant backyard wedding. Why does it always feel like what’s going on in their life is more important? The full moon on the 27th is an ideal time to sort out the drama—because if you don’t, it’s all going to boil to the surface anyway.

This week’s mantra: The first step is admitting there’s a problem.

4 leo

The full moon on the 27th falls in your money sector, making this the perfect week to review your budgets and break free from some unnecessary financial obligations. Do you really need to pay for every streaming service when all you do is watch an endless loop of Gilmore Girls? Alternately, if you’ve been contemplating a big purchase—like that oh-so-dreamy-but-way-expensive hybrid memory foam mattress—now’s an auspicious time to click buy.

This week’s mantra: Abundance starts with knowing what you need.

5 virgo

The full moon on the 27th is in your sign, so it’s time to check in with you. Remember that Pinterest board you made back in September of style upgrades you wanted to implement? Have you tried any of it? Or are you still (understandably) wearing that same pair of Lululemon joggers 24/7? With Venus entering your relationship sector, you’re tempted to go shopping for your husband instead, but please put something in that cart for yourself.

This week’s mantra: Who’s looking out for you?

6 libra

Lately, you’ve felt adrift, like everyone’s alone together—without you! Luckily Venus’ shift into Pisces on the 25th brings some inspiration back to your daily routine. You’re sprucing up your home office, turning looks for Zoom meetings and back on that coworker group text grind. Life is good! But at the full moon in Virgo on the 27th—which falls in your unconscious sector—you might realize that though you’re keeping busy, you’re still spending your entire day staring at a screen. Use this as an opportunity to mindfully disconnect.

This week’s mantra: Connect consciously.

7 scorpio

Venus finally dips into Pisces and your romance sector this week, putting you back on your crush’s radar after feeling ghosted last month. But now that you’re back to flirting with GIFs, you can’t help but wonder “Is this it?” Maybe it’s time to explore other options. Stop limiting yourself to these same old shenanigans! At the full moon on the 27th—which highlights your friendship sector—you get read to filth by your BFF for some of your worst dating habits. She’s definitely got some points.

This week’s mantra: Don’t repeat history.

8 sagittarius

Eleven months into a pandemic, what even is a work/life balance? You work at home and live at work. But this week’s full moon in Virgo on the 27th brings a major breakthrough for your career that translates into even better news at home. It’s a huge relief—whether it’s a green light for an extended leave or a sweet coworker taking an assignment off your plate. Now you have way more time to play teacher for your kids! This is about doing less so you can have more.

This week’s mantra: Success isn’t always more responsibility.


Are you feeling the wanderlust? Well, this week’s full moon on the 27th lights up your travel sector. Unfortunately, the only option you have for a getaway is a trip to visit your in-laws. Though the family dynamic is awkward as usual, let your MIL babysit the kids so you can take a day to yourself. Drive into town and explore (with social distancing and mask-wearing in mind, please)! Pretend to be a tourist! Wandering through the stacks at the used bookstore and striking up a conversation with the local barista gives you a fresh perspective.

This week’s mantra: Make your own paradise.

10 aquarius

The full moon on the 27th falls in your shared resources sector so if you’ve been avoiding a conversation about money with your partner, now’s the time to get into it. Whether you’re saving for a wedding, buying a car or browsing Zillow for your dream house, open up about your financial concerns so you can figure out what’s really possible. If the numbers just aren’t adding up, you might be scrambling to get another loan or launch that Etsy shop side hustle.

This week’s mantra: When in doubt, bring it up.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.

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