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We used to go to a furniture superstore, lie down on a few mattresses to test the firmness, tie the chosen one to the roof of the car and then struggle to maneuver it into the bedroom. Then along came the bed in a box, which made buying a mattress way easier. But there was one problem: A giant block of memory foam isn’t the most supportive sleep option. Mattresses aren’t one size fits all, and companies are starting to take notice. Luckily for us all, there are now hybrid mattresses.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress features multiple forms of support, usually combining memory foam, gel and innerspring coil technology (a new type of coil that’s individually wrapped to retain its tension and create more balance). No matter what kind of sleeper you are—starfish, fetal, stomach—you’ll get the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam with the bounce and support of a traditional spring mattress. And yes, these beds often come in a convenient, easy to disassemble box.

Do these mattresses need a box spring?

A common misconception is that any bed with coils needs a box spring, which to be honest, is an added cost we’re not all that excited about. Good news: Hybrid mattresses don’t need a box spring. They can be put directly on a frame or on top of a box spring (if you like the extra height).

Who can benefit from a hybrid mattress?

Because hybrid mattresses encompass multiple support systems, they work for nearly everyone’s preferences. This kind of mattress is especially beneficial if you sleep on your side and require more firmness to keep your spine aligned. It can also help with getting out of bed, thanks to sturdier sides that won’t sink when you sit on the edge of your bed. And if you’re one of the millions of people who have to sleep with one leg out of the covers, you’ll be happy to know these beds have better airflow (thanks to the coils), so they don’t absorb heat as much as their foam counterparts.

Convinced you need a hybrid mattress? Here are ten of the best models to shop now.

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1. Most Popular: Casper Sleep Hybrid Mattress – QUEEN 12-INCH

As the bed-in-a-box brand that started the craze, it’s no wonder Casper remains the most popular option. To create this hybrid, the mattress geniuses added springs to its signature foam design for even more support. Yep, it still comes in a convenient box and works with all the other Casper products (like the adjustable bed frame or original foundation).

$1,195 at Amazon

Layla Sleep

2. Best Flippable Mattress: Layla Hybrid Mattress – Queen

Can’t decide if you want something more firm or something that feels cushiony to the touch? This mattress provides both with different firmness levels on either side. And the integrated handles make flipping this guy a total breeze. It’s also made with antimicrobial copper infused foam to transfer heat away from your body faster for a cooler sleeping experience and less odor-causing bacteria.

Buy It ($1,599; $1,399)

Wink Beds

3. Best Latex Mattress: Winkbeds EcoCloud – Queen

Not only is this mattress made of premium natural Talalay latex, it also features individually wrapped innersprings made from recycled steel. The outer cover is eco-engineered with 100 percent organic cotton and sustainable New Zealand wool, which appeals to both eco-minded shoppers and those who need a cooler mattress (it’s super breathable). The brand also offers monthly payments so you won’t lose sleep over that price tag.

Buy It ($1,799)



This model gets rave reviews for its Goldilocks feel—not too firm and not too soft; it’s just right. One buyer puts it best: “My husband prefers a firm mattress and I prefer a soft one, but somehow you have conjured up the perfect mix of both!” It features high-performance, CertiPUR-US certified memory foam combined with individually wrapped coils for the best of both worlds. Oh, and the queen size clocks in under $700—but feels way more expensive.

Buy It ($645)

Nest Bedding

5. Best Quilted Top Mattress: Nest Bedding The Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress – Queen

Pocketed innerspring coils combine forces with a unique comfort layer on top that determines the feel of the mattress—from plush to luxury firm to internal split—for a custom support level that will generate plenty of zzz’s. But unlike other plush-top mattresses, this one zips off so you can flip it every few months to prevent sinking, or completely swap it out for a newer one down the line, resulting in a longer mattress life and less waste overall. The only problem? You’ll probably never want to get out of bed.

Buy It ($1,499)

Birch Living

6. Best Organic Mattress: Birch by Helix – Queen

Each organic mattress is handmade to order from layers of organic cotton, birch wool, Talalay latex and steel innerspring coils, and then delivered in just four to eight business days. It retains its shape, regulates body temperature and is even naturally flame retardant. Hello, peace of mind.

Buy It ($1,499; $1,299)

Bear Mattress

7. Best Recovery Mattress: Bear Hybrid – Queen

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to reap the benefits of this mattress that promises to aid your sore muscles in a speedy recovery. The combination of cooling-gel foam, comfort foam, transition foam, quantum edge coils and high-density support foam makes for a super pressure-relieving, cool-sleeping, muscle-cradling experience.

Buy It ($1,390; $1,140)

Brooklyn Bedding

8. Best Cooling Mattress: Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid – Queen

Suffer from night sweats? This one’s for you. It features a phase change molecule called TitanCool on its surface to help regulate body temperature. Here’s how it works: The average skin temperature is 91°F, but the ideal skin temperature for sleep is 88°F. Cooling beads on the top layer of the mattress liquefy at temperatures over 88°F to deliver cooling relief; if you’re too cold, those same beads solidify to keep a little bit of heat in. All that technology coupled with layers of foam and innerspring coils translate to a good night’s sleep waiting to happen.

Buy It ($1,699)


9. Best Mattress for Side Sleepers: Helix Midnight

The Midnight mattress by Helix is the brand’s most popular model. It features all the hybrid qualities side sleepers love (pressure-relieving memory foam, body-cradling wrapped coils and increased airflow), but the top and middle mattress layers are developed to give you the perfect support and spine alignment, even in the fetal position.

Buy It ($999; $899)

Loom & Leaf

10. Best Pillow-Top Mattress: Saatva Loom & Leaf 12-Inch Relaxed Firm Mattress – Queen

There’s something about the hotel-like quality of a pillow-top mattress that makes crawling into bed after a long day feel extra luxurious. So why not sleep on one every night? This product was created from a combination of the top five features found in luxury mattresses to ensure a dreamy, vacation-esque sleep. Here’s the kicker: It doesn’t have any innerspring coils, but its layers of gel-infused memory foam, support foam and zoned technology for lumbar support deem it a hybrid mattress in its own rite.

Buy It ($1,499)

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