Your Weekly Horoscopes: April 7 to 13

The moon is in Gemini and Cancer most of this week, which brings out the two children deep within us: the one who is curious and playful, and the one who wants to hide under the covers. Which one we are may depend on how we react to Jupiter, our solar Santa Claus, who is taking an extended retrograde nap starting on the 10th. Without his gifts to buoy our egos, we have to take responsibility for our own self-esteem, which can be a real drag. But it also builds character, or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves until August...

12 aries

People just aren’t picking up what you’re putting down this week, Aries, but it might be a secret blessing. If you’ve been feeling venomous toward another parent or coworker who keeps replying “k” to every text, maybe those thoughts aren’t ready for prime time. At least not until you’ve had some time to calm down. K?

1 taurus

You’ll want to cut back on indulgences this week, Taurus. Usually you’re a savant at balancing budgets while treating yourself, but you can’t possibly get this many blowouts and have salmon on your salad every day for lunch. It doesn’t matter which one you let go, but you’re going to have to say goodbye to something. (It hurts, we know.)

2 gemini

If you and your partner are in a rut, there’s no shame in a little couples therapy. Admitting you need help is not a referendum on your relationship—you just need a third party to hear you both out. If anyone can appreciate the value of more talking, it’s you, Gemini.

3 cancer

Your body is your temple this week, Cancer. That means getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and stretching before any exercise or strenuous actions, especially if you’re pregnant or recovering from injury. Don’t try to be a hero and push yourself—or else you’ll be the one who needs saving.

4 leo

You might feel a little uninspired this week, which can be complicated if you’re in a creative profession. The way out is to revisit projects or pieces you’ve long since abandoned, because they may invigorate you now in a way they didn’t before. One person’s trash may be that same person’s treasure during a retrograde.

5 virgo

Get your spring clean in before Wednesday, Virgo, when Jupiter retrograde puts all your grand home improvement plans on the back burner. Although this delay will last until August, you’ll feel ready for it with polished floors and a lavender candle burning on the dust-free table.

6 libra

Look, sometimes you’re the most charming person in the room, and sometimes you’re riffing on a joke that goes way too far, and now everyone’s uncomfortable and staring at you. Just because this is your worst nightmare doesn’t mean it will last forever. You just may need to bring in some cookies the next day to help everyone laugh it off.

7 scorpio

If you have to sit through a whole song and dance about how your raise or bonus or commission is on its way, no one can fault you for rolling your eyes. Give yourself permission to pop off a little, but then start growing that rainy-day fund. Your checks will come through eventually, but in the meantime, it’s pouring out.

8 sagittarius

It’s not the best time to launch a business, product or new venture. You may second-guess yourself more than usual, which can make it hard to get buy-in from others. Instead, focus on growing what you’ve already built—it’s not new and shiny, but it is time-tested and proven. And you can sell that in any room.


Pay attention to mounting thoughts of self-doubt and negativity this week. Being hard on yourself may feel like second nature, but even you have feelings, too, Capricorn. Do something sweet for yourself, whether that’s rewatching a favorite movie with family or going to therapy. You deserve to feel good!

10 aquarius

You can’t make plans with everyone in your phone, Aquarius. Inevitably, if you spread yourself too thin, you’ll end up disappointing others when it’s time for you to recharge alone. Open your calendar and block off some time for just you. You shan’t ghost on yourself.

11 pisces

Brace yourself for pressure from above—either a parent, a boss or someone with authority over you. They may seem impossible to please or impress, and it could make you doubt your own abilities. But you’re a talent and a gem, whether or not they are able to appreciate it. And others see it, too. Shine on.

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