Your Weekly Horoscopes: April 21 to 27

We’re officially in Taurus season, and it’s a heavy, practical, earthy week with Pluto going retrograde in the friendly sign of Capricorn. Get serious and get busy, because we all have the stamina to go the distance (or at least make it to the weekend…).

1 taurus

Don’t succumb to the siren song of the couch, Taurus. You may want to Netflix and chill, but the outside world wants to engage. You can keep your alone time intact by heading solo to a museum or the movies...then you don’t have to share your popcorn.

2 gemini

You may revisit some deep questions about intimacy if you’re partnered up. Whether or not you feel truly safe and provided for (in any sense) could constrict your ability to feel romantic joy. A little counseling might do wonders for you now.

3 cancer

You might fall into a bit of a rut with a spouse. Even if you’re on solid ground, every couple falls into these valleys where everything feels blah. Visit your favorite restaurant or the park where you met and use the engine of nostalgia to revitalize your passion.

4 leo

Easy on the workouts and clean eating, Leo. Your body isn’t just a temple or a powerful machine—it’s also a body! Try to focus this week on connecting with yourself and what your inner self needs. Whether it’s a banana or a banana split, allow for softness and indulgence if you want them.

5 virgo

Your imagination is on fire this week, and whether or not you’re in a creative field, you’re coming up with inventive enough solutions to turn heads. Try applying your creative insights to problems that once stumped you. You’ve got the clarity to break through now.

6 libra

Do you have a pile of clothes you meant to Marie Kondo this winter? A gorgeous print you need to frame and hang? Were you meaning to get cacti to line your windows? This week, your home is the final frontier for you to conquer—and conquer it you shall.

7 scorpio

Be a bit cagey about what you publish this week. Your words may have resonance beyond their original intention, and you never really know who is reading once you put something out there. But if you mean to move mountains, Scorpio, by all means, hit send.

8 sagittarius

Money regrets may loom large in your mind, Sagittarius. Whether it’s not asking for a raise or failing to invest when the stock market was down, this week is yours to make it right. Open up that portfolio and write the email to get conversations started at work. You can still capture plenty of gains now.


Everyone is going to have to deal with your lone wolf vibe this week, Capricorn. Some errands don’t pair well with others, and you’ve got things to do. If people can’t keep up with your stride, that’s no reason to break it while you’ve got momentum.

10 aquarius

Heavy is the head that wears the (self-adorned) crown, Aquarius. If your mounting responsibilities threaten to overwhelm you, consider how many you took on willingly. No shame in cutting back and adding some blank spaces to your calendar.

11 pisces

When old friends come knocking at your door (or in your DMs), reconnect with the ones who made an impact. If you’re going to open closed doors, let it be for someone formative, whose fingerprints are on your soul. You may have still more to learn from them.


12 aries

You’re more about work mode than party time this week. It’s not that you can’t hang, Aries (um, you can always hang, you invented hanging, etc.), but wait until the weekend. This Monday through Friday, take your to-do list and make it beg for mercy.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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