As you start to unpack chunky scarves and pom-pom beanies, we thought it’d be beneficial to remind you that along with cold-weather accessories, a certain spice is also especially helpful for fighting colds and keeping your skin in check during this time of year. Meet turmeric. Ahead, five ways to use this golden ingredient.

turmeric golden honey
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Fight Off Colds

Show of hands: Who doesn’t want to spend this winter coughing and sniffling? Great, we’re all on the same page. For one of the most potent natural antibiotics out there (according to Ayurveda), look no further than raw honey and—you guessed it—turmeric. Dubbed “golden honey,” this combo is said to prevent colds and flu. Make a big batch to have on hand during the season so you can take it at the first signs of feeling under the weather. To make it at home, combine 1 tablespoon turmeric powder with 3.5 ounces raw honey and store it in an airtight jar. When needed, follow this three-day remedy: On day one, take ½ teaspoon every hour; on day two, take ½ teaspoon every two hours; on day three, take ½ teaspoon just three times. Allow the mixture to completely dissolve in your mouth or add it to your favorite hot drink. 

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Brew a Soothing Tea

When the temperature starts to drop, Pukka Herbs Organic Turmeric Active Herbal Tea seems to fit the bill. With a mixture of turmeric, lemon, cardamom and whole-leaf green tea, this golden brew will leave you feeling totally renewed. It’s especially beneficial when the seasons are changing because turmeric is not only an anti-inflammatory wonder but also high in antioxidants that help protect your body against environmental factors like germs, bacteria and viruses. 

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Whiten Your Teeth

The season of mulled wine (and the resulting stained teeth) is upon us. To keep your pearly whites looking as fresh as can be, make a paste out of coconut oil and turmeric and use it to brush your teeth. The abrasive texture of turmeric will help remove plaque and stains, while its antibacterial properties clean your mouth. Follow up with your regular toothpaste and then rinse, rinse, rinse.

turmeric face mask
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Make Your Own Face Mask

You know how your skin loses its natural glow once summer ends? Turmeric can change that. Thanks to its healing properties, adding this spice to your beauty routine through a DIY face mask will not only revive that glow but also help prevent the signs of aging. With chronic inflammation comes an overabundance of free radicals, which can damage your skin. Turmeric helps to reverse that process. The more you know.

golden mylk cheesecake purewow
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Spice Up Your Foods

One of the simplest ways to incorporate turmeric into your daily routine is by adding it to your favorite recipes. The warm spice will lend a hint of ginger or orange to the dish, which complements just about any food from rice to roasted veggies. Want something on the sweet side? This (practically) no-bake recipe turns “golden mylk,” the popular anti-inflammatory beverage, into a creamy cheesecake complete with an almond crust. Oh, and did we mention it’s vegan?

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