11 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Summer Fridays from Now Until September

Fact: Fridays are just plain chiller in the summertime—and our weekends are all the sweeter for it. Take advantage of the season’s long-weekend mentality with these 11 fabulous “summer Friday” activities (one for every week through Labor Day).

summer friday activity 6

June 21

Hooray! It’s the first official day of summer. Time to string up some twinkly lights and finally open your patio/garden/balcony for business.

dole ice pops
Photo: Emily Morgan/Styling: Caroline Lange

June 28

Whether you’re looking to woo your coworkers or your kiddos, you can’t beat a cool summer treat. We love a DIY ice-pop project—like these easy Dole® Paradise Pops.

summer friday activity 11

July 5

The only thing better than Fourth of July food? Fourth of July leftovers! (And perhaps this Friday off?) Grab a blanket, stuff a picnic basket and seek out some encore fireworks near you.

summer friday activity 8

July 12

If you’re lying low after last week’s visit from the in-laws, use the afternoon to beat the weekend crowds and #treatyoself to a much-deserved mani/pedi or haircut.

summer friday activity 9

July 19

Water’s warm now, folks: Head to a local body of water for a refreshing swim—and a few quiet hours with a great book or a stack of glossies.

summer friday activity 2

July 26

Your remaining summer Fridays are numbered, so make the most of this one and have a date night with your honey. Make an early dinner reservation and—gasp—grab a nightcap on the way home.

summer friday activity 7

August 2

With parallel vacation schedules, it’s been a while since you’ve properly caught up with your girlfriends. Arrange a long happy hour—bonus points for an alfresco setting.

summer friday activity 5

August 9

Time to skip town: Load up the kids and the gear and go camping overnight. (If you beat the rush hour traffic, you’ll have your camp set up by sundown.)

summer friday activity 4

August 16

It’s already mid-August and you haven’t been to a summer fair yet?! Remedy that pronto with a Friday visit—and a funnel cake with extra powdered sugar.

summer friday activity 10

August 23

Whoa, Nelly! The school year is just around the corner. Use the last of these sacred, quiet Fridays to organize the house, sneak in a workout or knock off some productive errands sans crowds.

summer friday activity 1

August 30

Labor Day weekend is upon us. (Cue the orchestra of tiny violins.) Plan your “Bon voyage, summer!” bonfire accordingly.


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