Here's Why You Should Soak Your Almonds in Water Before You Eat Them

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There are certain foods we need to be told how to eat. (Lobster, mangoes and fish that’s served whole come to mind.) Other foods are more straightforward, and don’t require much consideration—or so we thought. Then a friend scolded us for not sprouting our almonds and we were like umm, what? Here’s what she was talking about.

What is sprouting? Sprouting is the process of soaking almonds (or other nuts or legumes) in water for a long period of time. Raw nuts contain enzyme inhibitors, and the thought is that sprouting unleashes the nuts’ full nutritional potential by allowing these inhibited enzymes to be activated. Sprouting also makes for an easier digestion process.

How do you do it? Fully submerge raw almonds in water and let them soak for eight to 12 hours. Then drain the water and lay the almonds on paper towels for an additional 12 hours. Store them in the refrigerator and enjoy for up to a week.

Before you go on a sprouting rampage, know that snacking on raw, unsoaked almonds is still good for you. Sprouting unlocks some additional nutritional potential, but if you’re in a bind and just need a quick snack, unsprouted almonds are far superior to, say, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

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