8 of the Softest Facial Tissues to Soothe Your Poor Nose

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Between allergies, cold and flu season and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the collective need to wipe our noses has never been greater. While most facial tissues will get the job done, don’t be fooled by those colorful boxes—not all are created equal. The key is to find ones that aren’t overly scratchy or too weak to handle a particularly bad bout of mucus. Lucky for you, we've done our homework (and nose-blowing!) to find the softest facial tissues that will not only keep germs at bay, but also soothe your poor, raw nostrils—'cause who wants to look like Rudolph after a few wipes?

What Are Facial Tissues Made Of?

Facial tissues, like most paper products, are made from the pulp of tree wood chips. This ultra-light material often needs reinforcement in the form of two or even three layers, making it strong, but not too tough for sensitive noses. Some tissues are also treated with lotions and softeners to make them a bit more comfortable on dry skin. Others may include a fragrance, but that should be avoided if you tend to have a sensitive sniffer.

The Best Facial Tissues at a Glance

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tissues puffs 1

1. Puffs Ultra-soft Non-lotion Facial Tissue

Best Overall Facial Tissue

When it comes to softness for “a nose in need,” Puffs Ultra-Soft is a great option for minimal irritation. Each two-ply tissue is incredibly resilient by most accounts (it’s the brand’s strongest non-lotion option) and it’s fragrance-free to boot, meaning it won’t leave your schnozz all red and dried out. Keep a few boxes around your home and office for particularly sneezy days.

tissues kleenex

2. Kleenex Go Packs Facial Tissue

Best Facial Tissue Travel Packs

Having a pack of tissues on hand during sneezy season is essential, but who wants to carry around a cumbersome box? These cute little portable packs from Kleenex can easily fit in a purse, pocket or car dashboard, so you’ll never have to go without. Better yet, they feature fabulous patterns and sayings, like “Seize the moment,” that will make your cold a bit more bearable. Buyers say the three-ply tissue is of good quality, too, with a thick-yet-soft construction that won’t hurt to blow into.

tissues seventh generation

3. Seventh Generation Facial Tissue

Best Sustainable Facial Tissue

If you want to be a little more conscious of your paper consumption, you’ll be happy to know that these are made from 100 percent recycled paper. They’re also made without any potentially irritating fragrances, dyes or lotions. While they’re not quite as soft as the Puffs, per se, the eco-friendly factor will make you feel better about your purchase with each blow. This 36-count pack will also ensure you won’t run out for a while.

tissues kleexex

4. Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissue

Most Absorbent Facial Tissue

With a triple-layer base, there’s no denying that these tissues are tough. Recommended for delicate skin, however, they’re also billed as the brand’s “softest tissue,” so they won’t leave you with a chapped nose. Even better, the multiple layers make them very absorbent, which will be great for those days your nose won’t seem to stop running. You’ll also find some great box designs here to match with your bathroom décor.

tissues reeflex

5. Reeflex Car Tissue

Best Car Facial Tissue

There is nothing quite so frightening as sneezing in the car. Not only do your eyes close for a few seconds (gulp), but you end up with a dripping nose—and no wipes in sight. Enter these Reeflex car tissues. The circular containers fit right into a drink holder, making them easily accessible on the road. Plus, the thick two-ply paper is soft but on the smaller side, for a quick blow of the nose.

tissues puffs lotion

6. Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissue

Best Moisturizing Facial Tissue

Frequent wiping leads to dry, painful noses. But the addition of fragrance-free lotion into these tissues will actually soothe your beak as you blow. Besides feeling nice on your face, these babies are durable, even while wet (ew), and quite thick, besides. Needless to say, they’re also great for those with dry skin thanks to their added moisturizer.

tissues last tissue

7. Lasttissue Reusable Tissue

Best Reusable Facial Tissue

It may sound disgusting to reuse a snot rag, but these innovative, organic cotton tissues can be washed up to 520 times (!) for a sustainable option. According to the brand, each six-count pack replaces the need for 3,120 single-use tissues. The container makes things germ-free, too: Just take a tissue from the bottom, use it and put it back in at the top of the separate silicone barrier until you’re ready to clean them all. It’ll become your new favorite hanky!

tissues up and up

8. Up & Up Ultra Soft Facial Tissue

Best Cheap Facial Tissue

These affordable tissues are ideal for anyone who just wants something that will take care of business. They’re not overly soft, but aren’t too scratchy, either, making them the Goldilocks of tissues. The two-ply material can be good for other things, too, like sopping up water or removing makeup.

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