The 10 Best Sex Toys for Boomers, According to a Sex Educator and Our Fave Vibrator Peddlers

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Sex doesn’t end at 50. The New York Times reports that 53 percent of people aged 65 to 74 in one study reported having sex at least once in the previous year. And according to a survey of 1,000 women 40 and over, the idea that women lose interest in sex as they age is untrue. In fact, 40 percent of all women surveyed said their sex life improved as they have approached or experienced menopause, with 40 percent reporting no change in their sex life. However, 42 percent reported that their orgasms took longer to happen than it did when they were younger—which is where sex toys can help.

“I’m always recommending Boomers and older adults get in the habit of including toy use during partner sex as well as for solo sessions,” says sex educator Joan Price. “As we age, we need more stimulation. Often, we can’t reach orgasm with just a partner’s genitals, hands or mouth alone. Using a vibrator as a matter of habit and expectation with a partner lets us concentrate on the sensation, not worry about whether we’ll be able to orgasm. This is true for any gender. We can incorporate sex toy play with partner intercourse, with manual stimulation, even with oral play.

While Price emphasizes that intercourse or even orgasm doesn’t have to be the goal of partner sex, she does encourage Boomers to explore pleasuring each other with hands, mouths and sex toys which “can be more stimulating and orgasm-inducing than penetrative partner sex, depending on the needs, challenges, and preferences of older bodies. We need to expand our sexual repertoire to include all kinds of stimulation that bring us pleasure, including using sex toys together as well as on our own.” We’ve surveyed experts in the sex toy space to see what’s most popular among Boomers.

Meet the Experts

  • Joan Price, senior sex educator and author
  • Carrie Smith, VP of Product Development at Cake
  • Alexandra Fine, CEO and Co-Founder of Dame
  • Katy Zvolerin, P.R. Director for Adam & Eve

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Sex Toys for Boomers Adam & Eve G—Gasm Delight
adam & eve
  • Why We Love It: easy to hold, straightforward, battery-operated

Toys that are easy to hold, without a lot of small buttons or multiple functions, are a go-to for a lot of Boomers. Many customers in this age bracket choose toys that are powered by battery or electricity versus USB charging or BlueTooth toys, according to Katy Zvolerin, P.R. director at Adam & Eve. This G-spot vibrator, which is designed with a bulbous head to stimulate a woman’s internal G-Spot, takes two AA batteries and is a best-seller.

Sex Toys for Boomers The Womanizer
love honey

2. The Womanizer

love honey

  • Why We Love It: more intense stimulation, quiet

As you age, according to Joan Price, senior sex educator and author, vulva owners need more direct and intense clitoral stimulation. This rechargeable fan-favorite puffs air on the clitoris in ten intensity levels and has an “afterglow” setting to ward off overstimulation as you climax. And for modesty’s sake, it’s whisper-quiet.

Sex Toys for Boomers Dame Pillo

3. Dame Pillo


  • Why We Love It: machine-washable, addresses joint pain

This 18-inch-wide wedge of polyurethane is covered in a water-resistant nylon inner liner and machine-washable all-cotton outer shell. It’s helpful for positioning on top of or against, to lessen knee or joint pain during all the thrusts.

Sex Toys for Boomers Foria Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD
foria wellness
  • Why We Love It: addresses vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is usually associated with menopause, and most products intended to help are marketed towards older women (though vaginal dryness can come and go at any age). The reason for this is as we age, there are changes in the hormonal production of estrogen. When estrogen levels drop, the vaginal walls thin, which often means less moisture and lubrication. Plus, less estrogen = less sexual arousal, because estrogen is the hormone that’s responsible for boosting blood flow to the vagina. This lube has just two ingredients—organic coconut oil and broad-spectrum CBD—to relax any tense muscles and assist with both vaginal and anal penetration.

Best couples sex toys: Manta vibrator
fun factory
  • Why We Love It: Great for penis stimulation, with or without an erection

This couple’s toy is made to wrap around a penis shaft for stimulation during oral sex or during self sex play. And when used during penetrative sex, it turns the penis into a vibrator. Rechargable and waterproof, it has six speeds and vibration patterns. Sex Educator Joan Price says this device is one of a crop of sex toys that allow penis owners to “reach orgasm more reliably with vibrators that work with or without an erection.”

Sex Toys for Boomers Dame Dip Vibrator
  • Why We Love It: single-button interface, intuitive, great for beginners

“It’s less about complicated controls, and more about buttons that are easy to press. Having larger buttons is the biggest challenge or pain point that we’ve seen with Boomers,” says Alexandra Fine, CEO and Co-founder of Dame. “Our newest product, Dip, is a good option because it has one button control and five intensity settings—it’s intuitive, and a great starter vibe.” The waterproof silicone vibrator runs for 90 minutes on one charge—and comes with a three-year warranty.

Sex Toys for Boomers We-Vibe Tango Lipstick Vibrator
love honey
  • Why We Love It: slim, single-button interface

This 3.5-inch bullet vibrator has a 2.25-inch circumference and has a single-button interface that cycles through 8 speeds, and it’s suitable for external stimulation on vulvas, penises, anuses—you name it!

Sex Toys for Boomers We-Vibe Bond Cock Ring
love honey

Why We Love It: helps with erections,easy use

Sex educator Joan Price says that users “may be able to keep an undependable erection hard with the aid of a cock ring like this one that prevents blood flow from leaving the penis while sending vibrations to the penis and scrotum.” This silicone ring can be controlled manually or remotely (up to 9 feet away) via the We Vibe app. It has 10 speeds and a quick-release feature so that using it can be spontaneous and easy.

Sex Toys for Boomers Tush Pops Kit
hello cake

9. Tush Pops Kit

hello cake

  • Why We Love It: great anal starter kit

According to Carrie Smith, VP of Product Development at Cake: “Backside play is becoming more and more acceptable in pleasure play for both sexes. I think people in this generation who may have not before experienced this type of play may be curious as to what the hype is all about.” With three, four and five-inch silicone plugs to experiment with, silicone lubricant and cleansing wipes lightly scented with honeysuckle, this kit is a great starter set for anal sex.

Sex Toys for Boomers Stronic Petite Thruster
fun factory
  • Why We Love It: hands-free, light-up buttons, designed with menopause in mind

Lighted buttons and a hand-free functionality are among the draws of this thrusting vibrator that’s got five speeds and three rhythms. It’s part of a curated collection of menopause sex toys that take into account the special needs of peri- and menopausal women. At just under seven inches long and curved to pulse against the clitoris’s internal section, this toy’s focus is on direct stimulation where it counts, to make sure that even with age-related climax resistance, orgasm can happen—multiple times, even.

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