These Sensory Friendly Masks Are Total Game Changers for Those with Autism

sensory friendly masks

For children and adults with sensory sensitivities, wearing a face mask can be a daunting task. Not only does it introduce new stimuli (like scratchy fabric rubbing against your face), but it also becomes hot and more difficult to breathe the longer you wear it.

That’s why Rafi Nova partnered with Easterseals Southern California (ESSC) to create a Sensory Friendly Mask. The all-new design was specifically developed by therapists to reduce stimuli for people who have difficulty wearing ordinary face masks. The first-of-its-kind design offers these key benefits:

  1. Soft: the silk lining minimizes frictions, while the ear straps reduce pinching
  2. Structured: a simple design with no unnecessary seams
  3. Secure: the adjustable nose bridge ensures a snug fit 
  4. Safe: the fabric (though breathable) won’t sit on your face
  5. Social story: the visual story helps children understand why face masks are mandatory

According to Dr.​ Paula Pompa-Craven (vice president of autism services for ESSC), “There’s little in the marketplace to accommodate people with sensory sensitivities. This soft mask is an outstanding option not only for the autism community but for all children and adults who I believe will find it uniquely comfortable.”

The Sensory Friendly Masks come in children and adult sizes and retail for $14 and $16, respectively.


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