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The ‘Sense Method’ Diet Requires One Thing to Slim Down: Your Hand
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Those Scandis really have life figured out. If they’re not showing us how to exercise and help the environment at the same time, they’re impressing us with their superior coffee break skills. And now, Danish weight loss guru (and mother of five) Suzy Wengel is teaching us how to lose weight the easy way, without cutting out any food groups, weighing ingredients or counting calories.

Introducing The Scandi Sense Diet, a weight loss plan that’s based on the official dietary advice of the Danish Health Board and uses your hand as a measuring tool.

Here’s how it works: Fill your plate with one to two handfuls of vegetables, a handful of protein, a handful of starch and/or fruit (like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes or berries) and one to three tablespoons of fat. Simple.

Note: That doesn’t mean you can lay your palm flat upwards and load it up with as much food as possible. Wengel says to gather your fingers and thumb together and curve the palm of your hand in order to find the correct handful size.

After years of failed diets, Wengel created the healthy eating plan and lost 88 pounds in the process. And she says that by following her method, you can expect to lose on average 0.9 to 1.8 pounds per week until your goal weight is achieved. Not too shabby.

Another reason why we’re into this Scandi regimen? The idea isn’t to overhaul your diet entirely but to adjust it (which will make it easier to stick to in the long run).

So let’s say you typically make spaghetti Bolognese for your family on Monday nights. With the Scandi Sense Diet, there’s no need to change your routine completely. Instead, you’ll eat a little less pasta than usual and load up on sauce, which you’ll make with extra veggies. And with a sprinkle of cheese on top, of course.

Even better? No foods are totally forbidden on this diet, although some things like cake and ice cream should be enjoyed in limited quantities. Excuse us as we measure how many Swedish meatballs we can fit into our palms (hey, it’s on our diet).

The Scandi Sense Diet by Suzy Wengel is being released in Septmeber 2018. You can pre-order your copy here.

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