Go Ahead and Be Sarcastic--It's Good for You

Thanks a lot, science

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You know that person in the office who doesn’t seem to have a single sincere bone in her body? The one whose snide, sarcastic remarks are the ire of you and your work crew? Turns out, the eye rolls might actually be good for both of you.

A recent study highlights the surprising health benefits of sarcasm on both the person dishing it out and the person it’s directed toward.

In order to convey and understand sarcasm, the brain has to think creatively. Every time you say something sarcastic or register another person’s comment to you as being sarcastic, your creativity is stimulated.

One catch: This isn’t always the case for sarcasm expressed online, where it’s often misconstrued. The same study found that e-sarcasm is misinterpreted much more often than sarcasm IRL. (You don’t say…)

But as long as it’s offline, you can go ahead and tell Julie how nice it is that she always leaves her coffee mugs in the sink. It just might help you both nail that big client presentation next week.

sarah stiefvater

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