5 Wellness Trends We Can’t Wait to Try This Month

The world of wellness is vast—that’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting and narrowed it down for you. From the new facial to going big on breakfast, here are the five wellness trends we’ve got our eyes on.

woman getting a scalp facial
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Scalp Facials

Think about it: You get facials to clean out any gunk trapped in your skin—why shouldn’t you show your scalp the same love? Thanks to your shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and dry shampoos, the build up is real and it can seriously affect your hair follicles’ health and growth. Scalp facials are popping up at salons everywhere, but you can easily give yourself one at home with the right tools: a scalp scrub (we like ones with tea tree and peppermint) and this massaging silicone brush.

glass of tomato juice
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Breakfast > Brunch

Breakfast was probably big in your house when you were growing up (your mom never let you leave for school without having a toaster pastry). However, with the rise in popularity of things like brunch and intermittent fasting, not to mention your busy schedule, eating a morning meal often falls to the wayside. Until now. Good news: People are shifting focus back to early-morning eating. But we’re not talking 8 a.m. pastries and pancakes. Instead, rediscover V8 Original (it’s been going strong for 80 years for a reason). You’ll get one full serving of veggies, antioxidant vitamins A and C, and as much potassium as a small banana. Drink a glass at home in the morning or take a 5.5-ounce can with you to sip on the way to work.

woman sitting in a sauna
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Infrared Saunas

If you’ve ever been in a traditional sauna, you know that the high heat results in sweating and an increased heart rate, giving physical effects similar to the ones you get from working out. But traditional saunas get their high temps from heaters, whereas infrared saunas use light, which penetrates your body more deeply than warm air. That means you can get a more intense sweat at a lower temperature. And since the temp is lower, you can sweat it out longer than you could in a regular sauna. From better sleep to better skin, from detoxification to weight loss, saunas have tons of benefits—and since you can get way more out of an infrared version than a traditional one, it’s no wonder they’re so hot (sorry, had to).

feet running on treadmills
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Treadmill Workouts

Running is popular. Group classes are popular. So we can’t say we’re too surprised that the two have finally been combined into one high-intensity exercise. Some studios like Barry’s Bootcamp and Orangetheory offer running on the treadmill as part of a varied class, but there are also classes like Mile High Run Club that focus strictly on the machine. Thanks to better equipment technology, the gentleness on your joints and the motivating team atmosphere, the treadmill is where it’s at this month.

woman sitting on her balcony enjoying the weather
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At the height of the self-care movement, we saw ten-step skin care routines, lengthy bath rituals and exhausting pre-bedtime practices. Now the trend has shifted into a more thoughtful approach to well-being that’s focused around mental health and more personalized habits—basically, it’s a form of self-care where you do what works for you. So forget the homemade face masks if that’s not your thing. Instead, spend that time doing things that make you feel connected and heart happy, like sipping your morning coffee outside and watching the world go by instead of rushing through it, or meditating more, or leaving your phone at your desk so you can grab lunch without email interruptions.

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