20 New Things to Try in 2020

Remember platform pumps and super-low-rise jeans, or Whole30 and posting photos of everything you ate? Every year comes with a fresh set of trends, and it’s safe to say we’re ready for what this decade has to offer. Here are 20 new things to try now that the sun has set on 2019.

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1. Other Alternative Meats

First they tackled beef. Now they’ve moved on to completely plant-based chicken and fish.

2. Better Pleasure

Feminism and inclusivity has led to much healthier and more open-minded perspectives about sex for many women. It has also led to a more mainstream appreciation of things like toys. Let 2020 be the year you jump on the bandwagon and either try a vibrator or upgrade to a new one. Not sure where to start? We suggest the plusOne Air Pulsing Arouser, which uses gentle air pressure for a fun and different kind of stimulation. It’s got a long-lasting and rechargeable battery and it’s safe in the bath, giving a whole new meaning to “me time.”

3. Recycled Clothing

It’s no secret anymore that fast fashion is environmentally destructive. So brands like Girlfriend Collective and Everlane are working to set a new standard by offering pieces that are made from recycled materials.

4. Banana Milk

Trying to cut back on almond milk? Sick of sugary oat milk? You’re not alone. Banana milk is the latest milk replacement to hit the scene, and while it gained homemade popularity in recent years, it’s finally available to buy at grocery stores.

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5. Cbg Products

We don’t have to tell you how popular CBD was in 2019—it’s almost shocking how quickly it penetrated virtually every market from matcha lattes to skincare. But this year, get ready to meet CBD’s more mysterious sibling CBG (cannabigerol), which is a less abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp that has been touted as an anti-inflammatory agent. Personally, we think a topical salve is always a good place to start.

6. More Frequent (but Much Smaller) Vacations

Look, it’s hard for a lot of people to take two weeks off work at a time. So the trend this year is to skip it. But that doesn’t mean no vacations at all. Instead, consider taking a two- or three-day trip this month, then another three- or four-day trip a couple months from now, then another three- or four-day trip a couple of months after that. See where this is going?

7. Granny Pods

If your parents are at the stage where they need a watchful eye but still reasonably demand independence, a granny pod might be the perfect solution. Installing what is essentially a tiny home in your backyard—a place where they have a space of their own but you can check in on them anytime—is a huge 2020 trend that’s exactly as cute as it sounds. 

8. Lymphatic Health

If self-care chose a universal symbol, it would probably be an image of a jade roller. But did you know there are internal benefits to this super trendy practice in addition to feeling nice? The real reason facial rolling has been a thing for centuries is its ability to aid in lymphatic drainage, which moves lymphatic fluid around to reduce swelling and inflammation. The 2020 version of facial rolling is lymph-stimulating body work, and we’re seeing a rise in massages and studios that focus on this practice, like this one in New York.

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9. Bold Colors

From your bedroom to your everyday outfits, being bland is out. Instead of making neutrals your go-to, try rich hues like cobalt blue and kelly green for a strong dose of personality. 

10. Bathhouses

This ancient social and wellness practice is having a resurgence. Think soaking pools fit for groups and other of-the-moment treatments (massages, cryotherapy and float tanks). The fancy ones even have adjoining restaurants. 

11. Chickpeas In Every Form

2020’s answer to cauliflower.

12. No-waste Beauty

Plastic products are no longer cool and the (once extremely wasteful) beauty industry is catching on to the sustainability movement. Try swapping in waste-free brands like Kjaer Weiss, which uses refillable metal compacts to package all of its makeup; Kevin Murphy, who packages haircare using only recyclable or biodegradable materials; and Axiology, who makes lipstick tubes from aluminum, which can be recycled once used up.

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13. A Different Approach To Working Out

If 15 minutes of BBG is all you can muster to keep your day flowing smoothly, and more important, keep a daily workout routine in place, then 15 minutes it is. Cutting down on your workout time is a much more relaxed approach that will actually increase your chances of getting daily exercise. 

14. Informal Dining Rooms

Rather than the traditional dining table and chairs, kitchen table setups are becoming more conducive to what they’re actually used for: eating and hanging out. If your space is in need of a makeover, consider super plush armchairs and lower round tables that make the room more welcoming and fun-friendly. 

15. Techy Pet Accessories

Why let your dog wear a regular collar when he could wear one that tracks his location, activity and health?

16. Easygoing Décor

OK, you love your vintage-design living room rug. But you also love your dog, and he loves to walk around in the mud. This year one of the biggest decor trends to try is just going easy on yourself. That means enlisting things like performance fabrics on couches and machine washable rugs that’ll let you finally breathe a much-need sigh of relief. It’s so much cuter than it once was, promise.

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17. Train Travel

Your grandma had so many stories about taking cross-country trips by train. Turns out, she was on to something. Instead of automatically hopping on a plane, consider making the journey part of your adventure. Many trains even offer luxury and first-class accommodations. 

18. Self-discovery Journaling

You know journaling is a self-improving practice. But the loosey-goosey nature of free writing isn’t for everyone. Try journaling to one of these 50 prompts that are specific to getting to know yourself and will have you on your way to a clearer, more grateful headspace in no time.

19. Social Media Detox

Social media: It’s great for connecting with people, but it can make you feel just plain crappy. Mostly because we’ve all developed such unhealthy use habits. Instead of quitting altogether, which admittedly feels harsh and a little FOMO inducing, just take a hiatus to focus on other, more fulfilling things for a few days (or weeks, if you really want to test yourself).

20. Garden Room

Now that you have an extra hour or two of free time every day, thanks to your social media detox, why not put that time toward arranging the perfect indoor garden room? Pick one room with good light and fill it to the brim with plants. It’s an automatic way to feel one with nature without leaving your house. And it’s what all the plant ladies are doing this year.

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