3 Zodiac Signs That Are Total Fashion Plates (& One That's Comfier in Jeans and a T-Shirt)

As far as day-to-day fashion goes, most of us have been cycling through the same three pairs of sweatpants for the last year and a half. But it’s September, and New York Fashion Week has arrived once again to remind us all that we could be trying a lot harder with our looks. Yes, we’re all way more interested in cozier styles now that we’ve realized how uncomfortable it was to live in those tight jeans in the “Before Times.” But, as we begin to get out more, it seems clear that some of us really missed getting dressed up. Not everyone wants to be a fashion plate, but some of us do, and per usual, astrology just might have something to say about why that is. Here’s our list of the signs who will always turn a look (and the one that is going to stick with lowkey quarantine fashion forever).

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3 Signs Who Are Total Fashion Plates


Libra is ruled by beauty planet Venus, so of course this sign tops the list as the most fashionable of the zodiac. Libras are all about creating balance, but don’t let that trick you into thinking that their looks are safe or boring. Libras love to break the rules and care very little about what’s currently on trend. Yes, classic designer Ralph Lauren is a Libra, but great innovators like Rei Kawakubo (Comme des Garçons) and Virgil Abloh (Off-White) were also born under the sign of the scales. Though their fashion is never boring, Libras do stick to more neutral tones which just keeps their style more timeless. It’s your Libra friend who you ask, “Is that vintage?” and they reply, “No, it’s from Target,” because no matter the price point, they just always know what’s going to stay looking good for seasons to come.


We think of Capricorns as executives, and how do you get to be the boss? Well, you start by dressing like one. Like Libras, Capricorns are masters of a timeless, sensible style. This is because Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, the planet of intricate structures and things that are built to last. It’s your Capricorn friend who has the absolute chicest collection of vintage handbags and is rocking a perfectly tailored winter coat that’s been in her family since the 1930’s. Designer Diane von Furstenberg (whose luxury pieces bring a refined taste to everyone’s closet) is a classic Capricorn. You can always spot Capricorn fashion from the bold shapes and crisp edges of every look.


We couldn’t write a list of the signs that are the ultimate fashion plates without including our over-the-top lion friends. Leos can’t ever resist making a scene, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to dress to impress. Unlike the more sophisticated closets of Libra and Capricorn, Leo fashion has tons of color, and they never shy away from a bit of glitter or sequins as well. Leos also can’t resist making the simplest get together into a red carpet event and will show up to your five person dinner party in a full evening gown. Designers known for their bold shapes and prints like Betsey Johnson, Jeremy Scott and Anna Sui are of course all Leos.

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Taurus, like Libra, is ruled by the artistic and sensual planet, Venus. But while Libra is an air sign concerned with taste, Taurus is an earth sign concerned with comfort. Tauruses find beauty in what makes them feel good and they’re never going to sacrifice that pleasure just to “look hot.” Beauty is not pain for our lovable bulls. That isn’t to say Tauruses don’t always look adorable—they do! You can often catch your Taurus bestie in the cutest matching sweat suit or looking elegant in a cozy robe but do not dare expect them to make a statement—especially with hair or makeup—unless it’s their wedding day.



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