Your Monthly Horoscopes: July 2021

The fireworks won’t only be in the sky this July. As aggressive Mars completes an opposition to steady Saturn on the 1st—bringing tensions that were building for the entire month of June to a climax—major frustrations and blowout arguments dominate the first week of the month. The overarching theme is how our personal passions clash with the needs of our larger community.

The new moon in Cancer arrives on the 9th and is a pleasant reprieve from the relentless aggravation. This lunation offers us a chance to relax rather than rush into a new beginning. Mercury joins the sun in Cancer on the 11th (the communication planet’s first sign change since May 3rd) which puts us into a more considerate and nurturing state of mind.

Things cool off on the 21st as Venus enters Virgo, where the love planet shows her devotion through acts of service. But then, the sun enters Leo on the 22nd—Happy Birthday to our Leo babes (including both members of Bennifer). Leo Season is a moment for a bold lip and a self-assured attitude, but the full moon in Aquarius on the 23rd reminds us that sacrifices must be made for the good of the team.

Things don’t go quietly at the end of the month. Mercury—now moving at top speed—enters Leo on the 27th, which is when our mind finally catches up to where our heart is. On the 28th, Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius, where we must tend to some unfinished business we left hanging around May 13th. Finally, on the 29th, Mars moves into Virgo where the action planet thrives as a strategist, list maker and taskmaster. Though we’re missing some of the joy we experienced in May and June, there’s much to be gained from taking the time to refine our plan.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign may provide further insight.)

3 cancer

The first week of July is sleepy and slow for you as the moon wanes into its dark phase. More than any other sign, you’re deeply affected by the moon’s light, so use this time to wrap up projects and catch up on sleep. Things pick up at the new moon in your sign on the 9th. With Mercury moving into Cancer on the 11th, you’re also feeling confident in your self-expression. You have something to share with the world, so get a haircut, practice your speech and let your voice be heard. As your energy improves, you might find that you’re bringing many more people into your orbit. Some are here to help you but there might be someone who constantly wastes your time. The full moon in Aquarius on the 23rd illuminates your unhealthy relationship dynamics. Nip it in the bud to avoid carrying that toxicity into the next lunar cycle.

Love Horoscope: The Mars-Saturn opposition on the 1st stokes some of your insecurities—especially when it comes to money—which leads to a tense conversation with your lover. The two of you have been building a life together, but have you really been sharing your resources? This isn’t a moment to run away from your problems (though you want to on the 3rd). Talk it out.

Money Horoscope: Though you start off the month stressed out about your finances, the Venus-Mars conjunction on the 13th falls in your money sector and refreshes your mindset. A job opportunity that comes up now isn’t just a boon for your career but for your community and creativity as well.

4 leo

Cancer season is always an emo time for you, Leo. You’re trying to fly under the radar unscathed until your birthday, but with Mars in your sign, you’re feeling frustrated by your lack of visibility. You want to cry privately, but you also want validation for your tears. On the 5th, an intriguing career opportunity arrives in your inbox—one that you have to keep to yourself until the offer is signed. The deal is completed as the sun opposes Pluto on the 17th filling you with both anticipation and regret. Do you really want to take on all this extra responsibility? Once your season begins on the 22nd though, you’re back to your usual spotlight grabbing antics. You’re still stressed, but can anyone else fake it until they make it in such style?

Love Horoscope: On the 1st, relationship tension (which has been building since at least mid-June) explodes in spectacular fashion. You’re tired of constantly playing by someone else’s rules. Why do you have to sacrifice so much of yourself? Though it takes a while to forgive and forget, the full moon on the 23rd, followed by Jupiter’s retrograde back into Aquarius on the 28th, reminds you that being part of a team has its benefits.

Money Horoscope: You’re motivated to increase your net worth this month—and have the opportunities to make it happen—but things don’t really start improving until Mars moves into your money sector on the 29th. Though cash is definitely flowing, be careful you’re not spending everything you earn.

5 virgo

With your ruling planet Mercury moving fast around the zodiac, July can be divided into three distinct chapters. From the 1st through the 11th, you’re picking up the breadcrumbs of information that the retrograde left you in regards to your career. Your five-year plan needs some adjustments, but there’s no need to rush into anything yet. Then on the 11th, Mercury enters Cancer and your friendship sector, getting you back into the social game and putting you in contact with more people than you’ve seen in months. The answer to “What do I even do with my life?” might be found in a simple conversation with a close friend. Finally, on the 27th, Mercury moves into Leo and your unconscious sector signaling that it’s time to pause and reflect. You won’t lose your momentum. You’re getting some much-needed rest.

Love Horoscope: Jupiter dove into Pisces on May 13th and ushered in a new era for your relationships. Whether you were walking away from something that just wasn’t right or finally getting together with that friend who was always something more, love has been the center of your world. As Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius on the 28th, you’re ending the honeymoon phase and finding a rhythm together.

Money Horoscope: Money matters don’t improve or get worse throughout this month. But your attention is brought to your daily work habits at the full moon in Aquarius on the 23rd. You might be grinding way too hard. And for what? To meet your boss’ bottom line? Carve out more time for your own projects.

6 libra

Cancer season is all about getting comfortable in the spotlight, Libra. You earned all this attention. But with your ruling planet Venus in Leo—clashing with both Saturn and Uranus early in the month—you’re remembering that more visibility always leads to more criticism. By the new moon in Cancer on the 9th, it’s very clear who your real friends are. It’s OK to move on from the relationships that drag you down—better collaborations are on the horizon. As Venus moves into Virgo on the 21st, you crave more privacy and restorative activities. Pack your bags and get away for a few days—or even a week—with your most trusted friends.

Love Horoscope: Venus and Mars come together in Leo on the 13th, ushering in a new chapter for your partnerships. This is a chance for you and your partner to shake off some hurt feelings, recalibrate and get on the same page. If you’re single, the full moon in Aquarius on the 23rd is the perfect opportunity to put yourself out there and find your next lover.

Money Horoscope: An unexpected expenditure (for example, a casual surprise wedding for your BFF) on the 3rd throws off your budget for the rest of the month. Though your career is gaining traction, you don’t have your money under control. Once Mars moves into your unconscious sector on the 29th, you’re even more likely to throw away cash without thinking. When in doubt, be frugal.

7 scorpio

It’s time to make a choice: Do you stay where you are—stagnant but comfortable—or move on to bigger, better things? As Mars clashes with Saturn on the 1st, you’re no longer allowed to stay neutral in this situation. Yes, this decision (moving to a new city for a job, for example) doesn’t only affect you. As Mars squares off with Uranus on the 3rd, your partner makes it very clear that you’re juggling their life in the outcome as well. It’s complicated, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it. Even if you end up passing on the opportunity, you still have to reckon with how you’re building your home at the full moon in Aquarius on the 23rd. July ends with Mars moving into Virgo and your community sector on the 29th pushing you to get out there and circulate.

Love Horoscope: Love is always a top priority for you, Scorpio. But if you’re single, you may find that focusing on your career this month is the key to finding your next BF. On the 13th, as sweet Venus connects with driven Mars, you meet a hot stranger who’s super impressed with your business plans.

Money Horoscope: With abundant Jupiter spending time in otherworldly Pisces this spring, your spending has been all over the place. You want to get the things that make you happy (that fancy record player, all those dresses from the Reformation sale) but as Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius on the 28th, you realize that much of your spending has been frivolous. Time to put more of your effort (and money) into building a beautiful home.

8 sagittarius

It’s time to face your grief, Sagittarius. Eclipse season brought an onslaught of major life changes. Whether you finalized your divorce, moved across the country or cut things off with a toxic friend, it’s necessary to mourn what you’ve lost. Isn’t Cancer season the perfect time to get a little emo? Things are less heavy by the time Leo season kicks off on the 22nd, inspiring you to get serious about a major travel or educational dream. With Venus moving through your career sector, whatever you’re chasing now could have long term impacts on your legacy. Just don’t forget to take care of the details back at home. Your ruling planet Jupiter moves back into Aquarius on the 28th, reminding you to notice what’s right in front of you.

Love Horoscope: It’s safe to say that your relationship does not look the same as it did back in May. Though you’ve gone through a brutal breakup, you’re now on the other side. Mercury is still in your partnership sector and now that it’s no longer retrograde, you have a much better idea of what you want from a relationship. Mercury connects with Jupiter on the 12th, reminding you that it’s lovely to be nurtured by someone else.

Money Horoscope: The new moon in Cancer on the 9th falls in your shared resources sector and is a prime opportunity to plant the seeds of a new business venture. Why not take that former coworker up on her offer? So much of your life is currently in flux, let someone else take the lead.


With your ruling planet Saturn moving retrograde for the rest of the summer, you have a lot of reflecting to do. Feisty Mars in Leo clashes with Saturn on the 1st, reminding you that your personal assets are often vulnerable to other people’s whims. (Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to let your cousin borrow your car…) But the reverse is highlighted on the 6th, when sweet Venus opposes Saturn and you benefit from an inheritance or your stake in someone else’s company. Cancer season highlights your relationship to other people. This isn’t only about romance but about your general method of relating 1-on-1. You have the opportunity to build more intimacy—especially the new moon in Cancer on the 9th. Don’t hide!

Love Horoscope: On the 9th, the idealistic new moon in Cancer has you setting sail with a new vision for your relationship. The two of you are getting along better than ever before, and though you haven’t worked out the details for your upcoming plans (like that move to a new city or 80-person destination wedding), anything seems possible. Just remember that there’s always a reality check waiting on the other side.

Money Horoscope: The full moon in Aquarius on the 23rd falls in your money sector and highlights all the work you have—or haven’t—been doing to improve your finances since Saturn moved into Aquarius last December. This lunation brings a payday or a panic—nothing in between. Lucky for you, this year we get a second Aquarius full moon on August 22nd so just this once, you can have a re-do. Get on top of it.

10 aquarius

If you play your cards right, July is a month of total reinvention. 2021 has been a year of putting yourself first, playing against your usual type of hiding in the shadows. On the 1st, as Mars opposes Saturn, you’re hit with a major reality check—a jolt of criticism from a partner or close friend—that knocks you off your high horse. Though you know she’s right, you can’t help but feel betrayed. By the 6th, as Venus opposes Saturn, you’re able to take her words to heart. The major lesson of this year is integrating other people’s’ opinions without sacrificing yourself. The full moon in Aquarius on the 23rd is your chance to be unapologetically you. Even if you’re at your Leo friend’s birthday party, it’s OK that you want to shine too.

Love Horoscope: With the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all moving through Leo—and your partnership sector—this month, you’re without a doubt focusing on the romance in your life. If you’re single, you have the opportunity to connect with someone who you previously thought was out of your league as Venus conjoins Mars on the 13th.

Money Horoscope: Jupiter’s dip into Pisces—since May 13th—has brought major improvements to your finances (as well as your self-worth). This influence returns in December, but after July 28th, Jupiter retrogrades back into your sign, slowing your personal cash flow and leading you to consider joint business ventures to make a profit.

11 pisces

With Jupiter in your sign since May 13th, you’ve felt a boost of vitality, but let’s be real, you’ve also been more sensitive than ever. Big changes are occurring—especially at home and in your career. On the 6th comes an intriguing development in your search for a new apartment. You can’t afford to take this luxury condo...but what if? Leo season (from the 22nd) puts you in a rise and grind kind of mode, so who says you can’t work extra hours to afford the expense? To end the month, Jupiter retrogrades into Aquarius and your unconscious sector on the 28th, putting you back in a place of observation rather than participation. Practice what you learned in the beginning of the year about bringing yourself back down to Earth. But also, don’t be afraid to let yourself float a little.

Love Horoscope: The dreamy new moon in Cancer on the 9th is a good omen for your romantic life. Yo’ve struggled a lot this year, but this lunation gives you permission to have some fun. It’s a YOLO moment—why not get kinky? This could become a serious relationship after love planet Venus moves into Virgo—and your partnership sector—on the 21st.

Money Horoscope: With Mars in Leo for most of the month, you’re hustling—picking up extra shifts and burning the midnight oil to finish up major projects. When Mars moves into Virgo on the 29th, you’re rewarded with exciting new contracts and clients. You also can count on more financial support from your partner.

12 aries

You want what you want, and your friends think it’s a bad idea. This is the dilemma you keep returning to throughout the month. With your ruling planet Mars in Leo and your house of pleasure, you’re prioritizing your kids, creative projects and even getting back into dating. No matter what or who you love, you’re doing you. Maybe your BFF thinks it’s a mistake for you to get back with your ex, but the YOLO spirit moves you on the 3rd and you can’t help but initiate a hookup. Though the fling fizzles out almost as soon as it starts, it’s certainly a thrill while it lasts. You shift gears on the 29th as Mars moves into Virgo, putting your focus on health, fitness and optimizing your daily grind.

Love Horoscope: Mars and Venus meet up for the first time in two years on the 13th. With the planets of love and sex meeting in the bold, flirtatious sign of Leo, this is the perfect recipe for a mindblowingly romantic night. This is a full-on trail of roses on the bedroom floor experience. Pack accordingly.

Money Horoscope: Most of this month has you engaging in some risky business when it comes to money. You’re making bets and stocking up on Bitcoin like it’s going out of style. Money planet Venus moves into practical Virgo on the 21st, forcing you to take a breather and do a full inspection of your assets. As Venus opposes Jupiter on the 22nd, you find some hidden treasure in a forgotten account. It pays to be thorough!

1 taurus

With Mars and your ruling planet Venus both in your privacy sector at the top of the month, all you want to do is stay at home and find some peace. But as soon as you’re snuggled up on the couch ready to start your annual Sopranos rewatch, your boyfriend picks a fight, chaos breaks loose at work and a tiny leak in your kitchen turns into a massive flood. Much of your time in July is spent cleaning up mess after mess, and things stay pretty hectic through the 21st when Venus moves into Virgo (though the new moon in Cancer on the 9th allows you to take a long drive to clear your head). To end the month, the full moon in Aquarius brings a pleasant surprise in terms of your career. All the little things you’ve been working on really add up.

Love Horoscope: July is beyond hectic, and for the first half of the month it seems like the arguments with your partner may never end. The two of you are constantly at each other’s throats. On the 13th, Venus meets Mars for the first time in two years, offering a truce in your ongoing battle. This is a hard reset button and a moment to pivot into makeup sex.

Money Horoscope: Throughout last month’s eclipse season and Mercury retrograde, you felt like money was totally out of your control. Things stabilize this month as Mercury finally leaves Gemini for Cancer on the 11th. Through the 27th, you’re able to pay off some debts and nurture some entrepreneurial activities.

2 gemini

With your ruling planet Mercury picking up speed after last month’s retrograde, July can be divided into three distinct eras for you. Through the 11th, Mercury is in your sign and you’re continuing to take control of your health and image after things got chaotic during Eclipse season. You’re taking your vitamins, going for that dramatic haircut and building better boundaries with social media. Then Mercury enters Cancer on the 11th, putting your focus on both your budgets and your values. Finally, on the 27th, Mercury glides into Leo and you’re calm, moisturized and feeling like the Queen of the neighborhood—stopping for chats with your barista and making waves at the local dog park.

Love Horoscope: Eclipse season brought major shakeups to your relationship and throughout most of July, you and your partner are both more focused on work than you are on each other. But on the 28th, as Jupiter moves back into Aquarius, a shared dream comes back into your vision. Time to plan that honeymoon to Japan.

Money Horoscope: From 2018 to 2020, your money situation was all over the place. The new moon in Cancer on the 9th is a moment to step back and realize that things have finally stabilized. You don’t need to scrimp the way you used to. Mercury connects with Jupiter on the 12th reminding you to welcome the abundance.

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